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Doxygen::Filter::Perl:User(Contributed Perl DocumDoxygen::Filter::Perl::POD(3)

       Doxygen::Filter::Perl::POD - A perl code	pre-filter for Doxygen

       The Doxygen::Filter::Perl::POD is a helper module for use with
       Doxygen::Filter::Perl and should	not be called directly.	 This class
       actually	overloads some of the methods found in Pod::POM::View::HTML
       and converts their output to be in a Doxygen style that
       Doxygen::Filter::Perl can use.  The reason I went this route is
       Pod::POM	appears	to be well established and pretty good at parsing POD.
       I thus did not want to reinvent the wheel when it appears that this
       wheel works pretty well.	 Now this class	should probably	find its way
       in to the Pod::POM::View	tree at	some point.  But for now it is here.

       Bret Jordan <jordan at open1x littledot org> or <jordan2175 at gmail
       littledot com>

       Doxygen::Filter::Perl::POD is dual licensed GPLv3 and Commerical. See
       the LICENSE file	for more details.

perl v5.32.0			  2012-07-07	 Doxygen::Filter::Perl::POD(3)


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