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DocSet(3)	      User Contributed Perl Documentation	     DocSet(3)

       DocSet -	documentation projects builder in HTML,	PS and PDF formats

	 docset_build [options]	base_full_path relative_to_base_config_file_location


	 -h    this help
	 -v    verbose
	 -i    podify pseudo-pod items (s/^* /=item */)
	 -s    create the splitted html	version	(not implemented)
	 -t    create tar.gz (not implemented)
	 -p    generate	PS file
	 -d    generate	PDF file
	 -f    force a complete	rebuild
	 -a    print available hypertext anchors (not implemented)
	 -l    perform L<> links validation in pod docs
	 -e    slides mode (for	presentations) (not implemented)
	 -m    executed	from Makefile (forces rebuild,
				       no PS/PDF file,
				       no tgz archive!)

       This package builds a docset from sources in different formats. The
       generated documents can be all nicely interlinked and to	have the same
       look and	feel.

       Currently it knows to handle input formats:

       * POD * HTML

       and knows to generate:

       * HTML *	PS * PDF

   Modification	control
       Each output mode	maintains its own cache	(per docset) which is used
       when certain source documents weren't modified since last build and the
       build is	running	in a non-force-rebuild mode.

       * Chapter is a single document (file).

       * Link is an URL

       * Docset	is a collection	of docsets, chapters and links.

   Application Specific	Features
       1.  META: not ported yet!

	   Generate a split version HTML, creating html	file for each pod
	   section, and	having everything interlinked of course. This version
	   is used best	for the	search.

       2.  Complete the	POD on the fly from the	files in POD format. This is
	   used	to ease	the generating of the presentations slides, so one can
	   use "*" instead of a	long =over/=item/.../=item/=back strings. The
	   rest	is done	as before. Take	a look at the special version of the
	   html2ps format to generate nice slides in conf/html2ps-slides.conf.

       3.  If you turn the slides mode on, it automatically turns the "-i"
	   ("*"	bullets	preprocessing) mode and	does a page break before each
	   =head tag.

       The package includes two	fully working examples in the examples/

	   This	example	demonstrates a shrinked	version	of
	   (which is genrated entirely by DocSet), with	many docs removed or
	   reduced to the mininumum. There are still quite a lot of documents
	   left	so you can see the big picture.	Read examples/site/README for
	   more	information.

	   This	example	demonstrates how to build presentations	handouts and
	   slides using	DocSet.	Read examples/presentation/README for more

   Look-n-Feel Customization
       You can customise the look and feel of the ouput	by adjusting the
       templates in the	directory examples/site/tmpl/custom.

       You can change look and feel of the PS (PDF) versions by	modifying
       examples/site/conf/html2ps.conf.	 Be careful that if your documentation
       that you	want to	put in one PS or PDF file is very big and you tell
       html2ps to put the TOC at the beginning you will	need lots of memory
       because it won't	write a	single byte to the disk	before it gets all the
       HTML markup converted to	PS.

       All you have to prepare is a single config file that you	then pass as
       an argument to "docset_build":

	 % docset_build	[options] base_full_path relative_to_base_config_file_location

       Every directory in the source tree may have a configuration file, which
       designates a docset's root. See the config files	for examples. Usually
       the file	in the root (examples/site/src)	sets operational directories
       and other arguments, which you don't have to repeat in sub-docsets. You
       want to redefine	the build attributes in	nested docsets if you want to
       override	certain	configuration attributes. Modify these files to	suit
       your documentation project layout.

       Note that the smart examples/site/bin/build script automatically
       locates your project's directory, so you	can move your project around
       filesystem without changing anything. So	you really build with:

	 % bin/build [options]

       examples/site/README explains the layout	of the directories.

       "DocSet::Config"	manpage	explains the layout of the configuration file.

       Read the	other manpages for more	information about how to extend

       The following are the optional prerequisites:

       o   ps2pdf

	   Needed to generate the PDF version.

       o   Storable

	   Available from CPAN ( and is a part	of the core
	   Perl	distribution of	the Perl 5.8.0 and higher.

	   Allows source modification control, so if you modify	only one file
	   you will not	have to	rebuild	everything to get the updated
	   HTML/PS/PDF files.

       Notice that this	tool relies on two tools ("ps2pdf" and "html2ps")
       which I don't support, since I didn't write them. So if you have	any
       problem first make sure that it's not a problem of these	tools.

       Note that while "html2ps" is included in	this distribution, it's
       written in the old style	Perl, so if you	have patches send them along,
       but I won't try to fix/modify this code otherwise. For more info	see:

       Huh? Probably many...

       Questions can be	asked at the template-docset mailing list. For mailing
       list archives and subscription information please see:

       Stas Bekman <stas (at)>

       perl(1),	Pod::POM(3), Pod::HTML(3), html2ps(1), ps2pod(1), Storable(3)

       This program is distributed under the Artistic License, like the	Perl

       Hey! The	above document had some	coding errors, which are explained

       Around line 73:
	   You have '=item 1' instead of the expected '=item 2'

       Around line 81:
	   You have '=item 1' instead of the expected '=item 3'

perl v5.32.1			  2005-10-03			     DocSet(3)


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