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DateTime::Locale::CataUser3Contributed Perl DocumeDateTime::Locale::Catalog(3)

       DateTime::Locale::Catalog - Provides a catalog of all valid locale

       version 1.26

       This module contains a list of all known	locales.

       Any method taking locale	code or	name arguments should use one of the
       values listed below. Codes and names are	case sensitive.	The code
       starts with the ISO639-1	language code, and may also include
       information identifying any or all of territory,	script,	or variant.

       Always select the closest matching locale - for example,	French
       Canadians would choose "fr-CA" over fr -	and always use locale codes in
       preference to names; locale codes offer greater compatibility when
       using localized third party modules.

       The available locales are:

	Locale code	 Locale	name (in English)		     Native locale name
	af		 Afrikaans				     Afrikaans
	af-NA		 Afrikaans Namibia			     Afrikaans NamibiA<<
	af-ZA		 Afrikaans South Africa			     Afrikaans Suid-Afrika
	agq		 Aghem					     Aghem
	agq-CM		 Aghem Cameroon				     Aghem KA mA lA>>A
	ak		 Akan					     Akan
	ak-GH		 Akan Ghana				     Akan Gaana
	am		 Amharic				     a aaa
	am-ET		 Amharic Ethiopia			     a aaa aca<micro>a(R)a<micro>a<<
	ar		 Arabic					     O<section>UO^1O+-O"UO(C)
	ar-001		 Arabic	World				     O<section>UO^1O+-O"UO(C) O<section>UO^1O<section>UU						       _
	ar-AE		 Arabic	United Arab Emirates		     O<section>UO^1O+-O"UO(C) O<section>UOYUO<section>O+-O<section>Oa O<section>UO^1O+-O"UO(C) O<section>UUOaOO	O(C)
	ar-BH		 Arabic	Bahrain				     O<section>UO^1O+-O"UO(C) O<section>UO"OO+-UU
	ar-DJ		 Arabic	Djibouti			     O<section>UO^1O+-O"UO(C) O~UO"UOaU
	ar-DZ		 Arabic	Algeria				     O<section>UO^1O+-O"UO(C) O<section>UO~O^2O<section>O|O+-
	ar-EG		 Arabic	Egypt				     O<section>UO^1O+-O"UO(C) UO<micro>O+-
	ar-EH		 Arabic	Western	Sahara			     O<section>UO^1O+-O"UO(C) O<section>UO<micro>OO+-O<section>O! O<section>UOoO+-O"UO(C)
	ar-ER		 Arabic	Eritrea				     O<section>UO^1O+-O"UO(C) OYO+-UOaO+-UO<section>
	ar-IL		 Arabic	Israel				     O<section>UO^1O+-O"UO(C) OYO^3O+-O<section>O|UU
	ar-IQ		 Arabic	Iraq				     O<section>UO^1O+-O"UO(C) O<section>UO^1O+-OU
	ar-JO		 Arabic	Jordan				     O<section>UO^1O+-O"UO(C) O<section>UOLO+-O	U
	ar-KM		 Arabic	Comoros				     O<section>UO^1O+-O"UO(C) O~O^2O+- O<section>UUUO+-
	ar-KW		 Arabic	Kuwait				     O<section>UO^1O+-O"UO(C) O<section>UUUUOa
	ar-LB		 Arabic	Lebanon				     O<section>UO^1O+-O"UO(C) UO"UO<section>U
	ar-LY		 Arabic	Libya				     O<section>UO^1O+-O"UO(C) UUO"UO<section>
	ar-MA		 Arabic	Morocco				     O<section>UO^1O+-O"UO(C) O<section>UUOoO+-O"
	ar-MR		 Arabic	Mauritania			     O<section>UO^1O+-O"UO(C) UUO+-UOaO<section>UUO<section>
	ar-OM		 Arabic	Oman				     O<section>UO^1O+-O"UO(C) O^1UUO<section>U
	ar-PS		 Arabic	Palestinian Territories		     O<section>UO^1O+-O"UO(C) O<section>UOLO+-O<section>O<paragraph>U O<section>UUUO^3O.UUUO(C)
	ar-QA		 Arabic	Qatar				     O<section>UO^1O+-O"UO(C) UO.O+-							      _
	ar-SA		 Arabic	Saudi Arabia			     O<section>UO^1O+-O"UO(C) O<section>UUUUUO_C) O<section>UO^1O+-O"UO(C) O<section>UO^3O^1UO UO(C)
	ar-SD		 Arabic	Sudan				     O<section>UO^1O+-O"UO(C) O<section>UO^3UO O<section>U
	ar-SO		 Arabic	Somalia				     O<section>UO^1O+-O"UO(C) O<section>UO<micro>UUO<_ection>U
	ar-SS		 Arabic	South Sudan			     O<section>UO^1O+-O"UO(C) O~UUO" O<section>UO^3UO O<section>U
	ar-SY		 Arabic	Syria				     O<section>UO^1O+-O"UO(C) O^3UO+-UO<secti_n>
	ar-TD		 Arabic	Chad				     O<section>UO^1O+-O"UO(C) OaO'O<section>O
	ar-TN		 Arabic	Tunisia				     O<section>UO^1O+-O"UO(C) OaUUO^3
	ar-YE		 Arabic	Yemen				     O<section>UO^1O+-O"UO(_) O<section>UUUU
	as		 Assamese				     a|a|,a|(R)a<section>a|_a|1/4a|3/4
	as-IN		 Assamese India				     a|a|,a|(R)a<section>a| a|1/4a|3/4 a|a|3/4a<section><degree>a|x
	asa		 Asu					     Kipare
	asa-TZ		 Asu Tanzania				     Kipare Tadhania
	ast		 Asturian				     asturianu
	ast-ES		 Asturian Spain				     asturianu EspaA+-a
	az		 Azerbaijani				     azErbaycan
	az-Cyrl		 Azerbaijani Cyrillic			     Dh<degree>Dh.ONDh+-Dh<degree>NO^1Dh<degree>Dh1/2 DhDh,NDh,Dh>>
	az-Cyrl-AZ	 Azerbaijani Azerbaijan	Cyrillic	     Dh<degree>Dh.ONDh+-Dh<degree>NO^1Dh<degree>Dh1/2 DhDh.ONDh+-Dh<degree>NO^1Dh<degree>Dh1/2 DhDh,NDh,Dh>>
	az-Latn		 Azerbaijani Latin			     azErbaycan	latA+-n
	az-Latn-AZ	 Azerbaijani Azerbaijan	Latin		     azErbaycan	AzErbaycan latA+-n
	bas		 Basaa					     AEA sA a
	bas-CM		 Basaa Cameroon				     AEA sA a KA mEIrA>>n
	be		 Belarusian				     Dh+-Dh<micro>Dh>>Dh<degree>NNNDhoDh<degree>N
	be-BY		 Belarusian Belarus			     Dh+-Dh<micro>Dh>>Dh<degree>NNNDhoDh<degree>N DhDh<micro>Dh>>Dh<degree>NNNN
	bem		 Bemba					     Ichibemba
	bem-ZM		 Bemba Zambia				     Ichibemba Zambia
	bez		 Bena					     Hibena
	bez-TZ		 Bena Tanzania				     Hibena Hutanzania
	bg		 Bulgarian				     Dh+-NDh>>Dh^3Dh<degree>NNDhoDh,
	bg-BG		 Bulgarian Bulgaria			     Dh+-NDh>>Dh^3Dh<degree>NNDhoDh, DhNDh>>Dh^3Dh<degree>NDh,N
	bm		 Bambara				     bamanakan
	bm-ML		 Bambara Mali				     bamanakan Mali
	bn		 Bangla					     a|~a|3/4a|a|^2a|3/4
	bn-BD		 Bangla	Bangladesh			     a|~a|3/4a|a|^2a|3/4 a|~a|3/4a|a|^2a|3/4a||a<section>a|<paragraph>
	bn-IN		 Bangla	India				     a|~a|3/4a|a|^2a|3/4 a|a|3/4a|<degree>a|x
	bo		 Tibetan				     a1/2a1/21/4a1/2a1/4a1/2|a3/4a1/2a1/4
	bo-CN		 Tibetan China				     a1/2a1/21/4a1/2a1/4a1/2|a3/4a1/2a1/4 a1/2ca3/4a3/4+-a1/4a1/2a1/2
	bo-IN		 Tibetan India				     a1/2a1/21/4a1/2a1/4a1/2|a3/4a1/2a1/4 a1/2ca3/4a3/4+-a1/4a1/2a1/2ca1/4
	br		 Breton					     brezhoneg
	br-FR		 Breton	France				     brezhoneg FraA+-s
	brx		 Bodo					     ax~ax!ax1/4aY
	brx-IN		 Bodo India				     ax~ax!ax1/4aY axax3/4ax<degree>axx
	bs		 Bosnian				     bosanski
	bs-Cyrl		 Bosnian Cyrillic			     Dh+-Dh3/4NDh<degree>Dh1/2NDhoDh, NDh,NDh,Dh>>Dh,NDh<degree>
	bs-Cyrl-BA	 Bosnian Bosnia	& Herzegovina Cyrillic	     Dh+-Dh3/4NDh<degree>Dh1/2NDhoDh, DhDh3/4NDh1/2Dh<degree> Dh, DhYDh<micro>NNDh<micro>Dh^3Dh3/4Dh^2Dh,Dh1/2Dh<degree> NDh,NDh,Dh>>Dh,NDh<degree>
	bs-Latn		 Bosnian Latin				     bosanski latinica
	bs-Latn-BA	 Bosnian Bosnia	& Herzegovina Latin	     bosanski Bosna i Hercegovina latinica
	ca		 Catalan				     catalA
	ca-AD		 Catalan Andorra			     catalA  Andorra
	ca-ES		 Catalan Spain				     catalA  Espanya
	ca-ES-VALENCIA	 Catalan Spain Valencian		     catalA  Espanya valenciA
	ca-FR		 Catalan France				     catalA  FranA<section>a
	ca-IT		 Catalan Italy				     catalA  ItA lia
	ccp		 Chakma					     dhdhdh'dhdh^3dh|
	ccp-BD		 Chakma	Bangladesh			     dhdhdh'dhdh^3dh| dhdhdhLdhdh~dhdh'
	ccp-IN		 Chakma	India				     dhdhdh'dhdh^3dh| dhdhcdh<section>dhdh'
	ce		 Chechen				     Dh1/2Dh3/4NNDh,Dh^1Dh1/2
	ce-RU		 Chechen Russia				     Dh1/2Dh3/4NNDh,Dh^1Dh1/2 Dh Dh3/4NNDh,
	ceb		 Cebuano				     Binisaya
	ceb-PH		 Cebuano Philippines			     Binisaya Pilipinas
	cgg		 Chiga					     Rukiga
	cgg-UG		 Chiga Uganda				     Rukiga Uganda
	chr		 Cherokee				     aLa^3a(C)
	chr-US		 Cherokee United States			     aLa^3a(C)_aa aca^3a3/4a<micr_>aaa aa|aa(C)
	ckb		 Central Kurdish			     U(C)UO+-O_UU UO<section>UUUO_U
	ckb-IQ		 Central Kurdish Iraq			     U(C)UO+-O_UU UO<section>UUUO_U O^1UO+-O<section>U
	ckb-IR		 Central Kurdish Iran			     U(C)UO+-O UU UO<section>UUUO U O|UO+-O<section>U
	cs		 Czech					     AeA!tina
	cs-CZ		 Czech Czechia				     AeA!tina Aesko
	cu		 Church	Slavic				     cu
	cu-RU		 Church	Slavic Russia			     cu	RU
	cy		 Welsh					     Cymraeg
	cy-GB		 Welsh United Kingdom			     Cymraeg Y Deyrnas Unedig
	da		 Danish					     dansk
	da-DK		 Danish	Denmark				     dansk Danmark
	da-GL		 Danish	Greenland			     dansk GrA,nland
	dav		 Taita					     Kitaita
	dav-KE		 Taita Kenya				     Kitaita Kenya
	de		 German					     Deutsch
	de-AT		 German	Austria				     Deutsch Asterreich
	de-BE		 German	Belgium				     Deutsch Belgien
	de-CH		 German	Switzerland			     Deutsch Schweiz
	de-DE		 German	Germany				     Deutsch Deutschland
	de-IT		 German	Italy				     Deutsch Italien
	de-LI		 German	Liechtenstein			     Deutsch Liechtenstein
	de-LU		 German	Luxembourg			     Deutsch Luxemburg
	dje		 Zarma					     Zarmaciine
	dje-NE		 Zarma Niger				     Zarmaciine	NiA3/4er
	dsb		 Lower Sorbian				     dolnoserbA!Aina
	dsb-DE		 Lower Sorbian Germany			     dolnoserbA!Aina Nimska
	dua		 Duala					     duA!lA!
	dua-CM		 Duala Cameroon				     duA!lA! Cameroun
	dyo		 Jola-Fonyi				     joola
	dyo-SN		 Jola-Fonyi Senegal			     joola Senegal
	dz		 Dzongkha				     a1/2ca3/4<<a1/21/4a1/2a1/4a1/2
	dz-BT		 Dzongkha Bhutan			     a1/2ca3/4<<a1/21/4a1/2a1/4a1/2 a1/2 a1/2a3/4^2a1/2'a1/2
	ebu		 Embu					     KA(C)embu
	ebu-KE		 Embu Kenya				     KA(C)embu Kenya
	ee		 Ewe					     EEegbe
	ee-GH		 Ewe Ghana				     EEegbe Ghana nutome
	ee-TG		 Ewe Togo				     EEegbe Togo nutome
	el		 Greek					     II>>I>>I.I1/2I^1IoI~
	el-CY		 Greek Cyprus				     II>>I>>I.I1/2I^1IoI~ IIIII?I
	el-GR		 Greek Greece				     II>>I>>I.I1/2I^1IoI~ II>>I>>I~I'I+-
	en		 English				     English
	en-001		 English World				     English World
	en-150		 English Europe				     English Europe
	en-AE		 English United	Arab Emirates		     English United Arab Emirates
	en-AG		 English Antigua & Barbuda		     English Antigua & Barbuda
	en-AI		 English Anguilla			     English Anguilla
	en-AS		 English American Samoa			     English American Samoa
	en-AT		 English Austria			     English Austria
	en-AU		 English Australia			     English Australia
	en-BB		 English Barbados			     English Barbados
	en-BE		 English Belgium			     English Belgium
	en-BI		 English Burundi			     English Burundi
	en-BM		 English Bermuda			     English Bermuda
	en-BS		 English Bahamas			     English Bahamas
	en-BW		 English Botswana			     English Botswana
	en-BZ		 English Belize				     English Belize
	en-CA		 English Canada				     English Canada
	en-CC		 English Cocos (Keeling) Islands	     English Cocos (Keeling) Islands
	en-CH		 English Switzerland			     English Switzerland
	en-CK		 English Cook Islands			     English Cook Islands
	en-CM		 English Cameroon			     English Cameroon
	en-CX		 English Christmas Island		     English Christmas Island
	en-CY		 English Cyprus				     English Cyprus
	en-DE		 English Germany			     English Germany
	en-DG		 English Diego Garcia			     English Diego Garcia
	en-DK		 English Denmark			     English Denmark
	en-DM		 English Dominica			     English Dominica
	en-ER		 English Eritrea			     English Eritrea
	en-FI		 English Finland			     English Finland
	en-FJ		 English Fiji				     English Fiji
	en-FK		 English Falkland Islands		     English Falkland Islands
	en-FM		 English Micronesia			     English Micronesia
	en-GB		 English United	Kingdom			     English United Kingdom
	en-GD		 English Grenada			     English Grenada
	en-GG		 English Guernsey			     English Guernsey
	en-GH		 English Ghana				     English Ghana
	en-GI		 English Gibraltar			     English Gibraltar
	en-GM		 English Gambia				     English Gambia
	en-GU		 English Guam				     English Guam
	en-GY		 English Guyana				     English Guyana
	en-HK		 English Hong Kong SAR China		     English Hong Kong SAR China
	en-IE		 English Ireland			     English Ireland
	en-IL		 English Israel				     English Israel
	en-IM		 English Isle of Man			     English Isle of Man
	en-IN		 English India				     English India
	en-IO		 English British Indian	Ocean Territory	     English British Indian Ocean Territory
	en-JE		 English Jersey				     English Jersey
	en-JM		 English Jamaica			     English Jamaica
	en-KE		 English Kenya				     English Kenya
	en-KI		 English Kiribati			     English Kiribati
	en-KN		 English St. Kitts & Nevis		     English St	Kitts &	Nevis
	en-KY		 English Cayman	Islands			     English Cayman Islands
	en-LC		 English St. Lucia			     English St	Lucia
	en-LR		 English Liberia			     English Liberia
	en-LS		 English Lesotho			     English Lesotho
	en-MG		 English Madagascar			     English Madagascar
	en-MH		 English Marshall Islands		     English Marshall Islands
	en-MO		 English Macao SAR China		     English Macao SAR China
	en-MP		 English Northern Mariana Islands	     English Northern Mariana Islands
	en-MS		 English Montserrat			     English Montserrat
	en-MT		 English Malta				     English Malta
	en-MU		 English Mauritius			     English Mauritius
	en-MW		 English Malawi				     English Malawi
	en-MY		 English Malaysia			     English Malaysia
	en-NA		 English Namibia			     English Namibia
	en-NF		 English Norfolk Island			     English Norfolk Island
	en-NG		 English Nigeria			     English Nigeria
	en-NL		 English Netherlands			     English Netherlands
	en-NR		 English Nauru				     English Nauru
	en-NU		 English Niue				     English Niue
	en-NZ		 English New Zealand			     English New Zealand
	en-PG		 English Papua New Guinea		     English Papua New Guinea
	en-PH		 English Philippines			     English Philippines
	en-PK		 English Pakistan			     English Pakistan
	en-PN		 English Pitcairn Islands		     English Pitcairn Islands
	en-PR		 English Puerto	Rico			     English Puerto Rico
	en-PW		 English Palau				     English Palau
	en-RW		 English Rwanda				     English Rwanda
	en-SB		 English Solomon Islands		     English Solomon Islands
	en-SC		 English Seychelles			     English Seychelles
	en-SD		 English Sudan				     English Sudan
	en-SE		 English Sweden				     English Sweden
	en-SG		 English Singapore			     English Singapore
	en-SH		 English St. Helena			     English St	Helena
	en-SI		 English Slovenia			     English Slovenia
	en-SL		 English Sierra	Leone			     English Sierra Leone
	en-SS		 English South Sudan			     English South Sudan
	en-SX		 English Sint Maarten			     English Sint Maarten
	en-SZ		 English Eswatini			     English Eswatini
	en-TC		 English Turks & Caicos	Islands		     English Turks & Caicos Islands
	en-TK		 English Tokelau			     English Tokelau
	en-TO		 English Tonga				     English Tonga
	en-TT		 English Trinidad & Tobago		     English Trinidad &	Tobago
	en-TV		 English Tuvalu				     English Tuvalu
	en-TZ		 English Tanzania			     English Tanzania
	en-UG		 English Uganda				     English Uganda
	en-UM		 English U.S. Outlying Islands		     English U.S. Outlying Islands
	en-US		 English United	States			     English United States
	en-US-POSIX	 English United	States Computer		     English United States Computer
	en-VC		 English St. Vincent & Grenadines	     English St	Vincent	& Grenadines
	en-VG		 English British Virgin	Islands		     English British Virgin Islands
	en-VI		 English U.S. Virgin Islands		     English U.S. Virgin Islands
	en-VU		 English Vanuatu			     English Vanuatu
	en-WS		 English Samoa				     English Samoa
	en-ZA		 English South Africa			     English South Africa
	en-ZM		 English Zambia				     English Zambia
	en-ZW		 English Zimbabwe			     English Zimbabwe
	eo		 Esperanto				     esperanto
	eo-001		 Esperanto World			     esperanto Mondo
	es		 Spanish				     espaA+-ol
	es-419		 Spanish Latin America			     espaA+-ol LatinoamA(C)rica
	es-AR		 Spanish Argentina			     espaA+-ol Argentina
	es-BO		 Spanish Bolivia			     espaA+-ol Bolivia
	es-BR		 Spanish Brazil				     espaA+-ol Brasil
	es-BZ		 Spanish Belize				     espaA+-ol Belice
	es-CL		 Spanish Chile				     espaA+-ol Chile
	es-CO		 Spanish Colombia			     espaA+-ol Colombia
	es-CR		 Spanish Costa Rica			     espaA+-ol Costa Rica
	es-CU		 Spanish Cuba				     espaA+-ol Cuba
	es-DO		 Spanish Dominican Republic		     espaA+-ol RepAoblica Dominicana
	es-EA		 Spanish Ceuta & Melilla		     espaA+-ol Ceuta y Melilla
	es-EC		 Spanish Ecuador			     espaA+-ol Ecuador
	es-ES		 Spanish Spain				     espaA+-ol EspaA+-a
	es-GQ		 Spanish Equatorial Guinea		     espaA+-ol Guinea Ecuatorial
	es-GT		 Spanish Guatemala			     espaA+-ol Guatemala
	es-HN		 Spanish Honduras			     espaA+-ol Honduras
	es-IC		 Spanish Canary	Islands			     espaA+-ol Canarias
	es-MX		 Spanish Mexico				     espaA+-ol MA(C)xico
	es-NI		 Spanish Nicaragua			     espaA+-ol Nicaragua
	es-PA		 Spanish Panama				     espaA+-ol PanamA!
	es-PE		 Spanish Peru				     espaA+-ol PerAo
	es-PH		 Spanish Philippines			     espaA+-ol Filipinas
	es-PR		 Spanish Puerto	Rico			     espaA+-ol Puerto Rico
	es-PY		 Spanish Paraguay			     espaA+-ol Paraguay
	es-SV		 Spanish El Salvador			     espaA+-ol El Salvador
	es-US		 Spanish United	States			     espaA+-ol Estados Unidos
	es-UY		 Spanish Uruguay			     espaA+-ol Uruguay
	es-VE		 Spanish Venezuela			     espaA+-ol Venezuela
	et		 Estonian				     eesti
	et-EE		 Estonian Estonia			     eesti Eesti
	eu		 Basque					     euskara
	eu-ES		 Basque	Spain				     euskara Espainia
	ewo		 Ewondo					     ewondo
	ewo-CM		 Ewondo	Cameroon			     ewondo KamErAon
	fa		 Persian				     UO<section>O+-O^3U
	fa-AF		 Persian Afghanistan			     UO<section>O+-O^3U	O<section>UOoO<section>UO^3OaO<section>U
	fa-IR		 Persian Iran				     UO<section>O+-O^3U	O<section>UO+-O<section>U
	ff		 Fulah					     Pulaar
	ff-Adlm		 Fulah Adlam				     ff	Adlm
	ff-Adlm-BF	 Fulah Burkina Faso Adlam		     ff	BF Adlm
	ff-Adlm-CM	 Fulah Cameroon	Adlam			     ff	CM Adlm
	ff-Adlm-GH	 Fulah Ghana Adlam			     ff	GH Adlm
	ff-Adlm-GM	 Fulah Gambia Adlam			     ff	GM Adlm
	ff-Adlm-GN	 Fulah Guinea Adlam			     ff	GN Adlm
	ff-Adlm-GW	 Fulah Guinea-Bissau Adlam		     ff	GW Adlm
	ff-Adlm-LR	 Fulah Liberia Adlam			     ff	LR Adlm
	ff-Adlm-MR	 Fulah Mauritania Adlam			     ff	MR Adlm
	ff-Adlm-NE	 Fulah Niger Adlam			     ff	NE Adlm
	ff-Adlm-NG	 Fulah Nigeria Adlam			     ff	NG Adlm
	ff-Adlm-SL	 Fulah Sierra Leone Adlam		     ff	SL Adlm
	ff-Adlm-SN	 Fulah Senegal Adlam			     ff	SN Adlm
	ff-Latn		 Fulah Latin				     Pulaar Latn
	ff-Latn-BF	 Fulah Burkina Faso Latin		     Pulaar Burkibaa Faaso Latn
	ff-Latn-CM	 Fulah Cameroon	Latin			     Pulaar Kameruun Latn
	ff-Latn-GH	 Fulah Ghana Latin			     Pulaar Ganaa Latn
	ff-Latn-GM	 Fulah Gambia Latin			     Pulaar Gammbi Latn
	ff-Latn-GN	 Fulah Guinea Latin			     Pulaar Gine Latn
	ff-Latn-GW	 Fulah Guinea-Bissau Latin		     Pulaar Gine-Bisaawo Latn
	ff-Latn-LR	 Fulah Liberia Latin			     Pulaar Liberiyaa Latn
	ff-Latn-MR	 Fulah Mauritania Latin			     Pulaar Muritani Latn
	ff-Latn-NE	 Fulah Niger Latin			     Pulaar Nijeer Latn
	ff-Latn-NG	 Fulah Nigeria Latin			     Pulaar Nijeriyaa Latn
	ff-Latn-SL	 Fulah Sierra Leone Latin		     Pulaar Seraa liyon	Latn
	ff-Latn-SN	 Fulah Senegal Latin			     Pulaar Senegaal Latn
	fi		 Finnish				     suomi
	fi-FI		 Finnish Finland			     suomi Suomi
	fil		 Filipino				     Filipino
	fil-PH		 Filipino Philippines			     Filipino Pilipinas
	fo		 Faroese				     fA,royskt
	fo-DK		 Faroese Denmark			     fA,royskt Danmark
	fo-FO		 Faroese Faroe Islands			     fA,royskt FA,royar
	fr		 French					     franA<section>ais
	fr-BE		 French	Belgium				     franA<section>ais Belgique
	fr-BF		 French	Burkina	Faso			     franA<section>ais Burkina Faso
	fr-BI		 French	Burundi				     franA<section>ais Burundi
	fr-BJ		 French	Benin				     franA<section>ais BA(C)nin
	fr-BL		 French	St. BarthA(C)lemy			franA<section>ais Saint-BarthA(C)lemy
	fr-CA		 French	Canada				     franA<section>ais Canada
	fr-CD		 French	Congo -	Kinshasa		     franA<section>ais Congo-Kinshasa
	fr-CF		 French	Central	African	Republic	     franA<section>ais RA(C)publique centrafricaine
	fr-CG		 French	Congo -	Brazzaville		     franA<section>ais Congo-Brazzaville
	fr-CH		 French	Switzerland			     franA<section>ais Suisse
	fr-CI		 French	CA'te daIvoire			      franA<section>ais	CA'te daIvoire
	fr-CM		 French	Cameroon			     franA<section>ais Cameroun
	fr-DJ		 French	Djibouti			     franA<section>ais Djibouti
	fr-DZ		 French	Algeria				     franA<section>ais AlgA(C)rie
	fr-FR		 French	France				     franA<section>ais France
	fr-GA		 French	Gabon				     franA<section>ais Gabon
	fr-GF		 French	French Guiana			     franA<section>ais Guyane franA<section>aise
	fr-GN		 French	Guinea				     franA<section>ais GuinA(C)e
	fr-GP		 French	Guadeloupe			     franA<section>ais Guadeloupe
	fr-GQ		 French	Equatorial Guinea		     franA<section>ais Gui_A(C)e A(C)quatoriale
	fr-HT		 French	Haiti				     franA<section>ais HaA ti
	fr-KM		 French	Comoros				     franA<section>ais Comores
	fr-LU		 French	Luxembourg			     franA<section>ais Luxembourg
	fr-MA		 French	Morocco				     franA<section>ais Maroc
	fr-MC		 French	Monaco				     franA<section>ais Monaco
	fr-MF		 French	St. Martin			     franA<section>ais Saint-Martin
	fr-MG		 French	Madagascar			     franA<section>ais Madagascar
	fr-ML		 French	Mali				     franA<section>ais Mali
	fr-MQ		 French	Martinique			     franA<section>ais Martinique
	fr-MR		 French	Mauritania			     franA<section>ais Mauritanie
	fr-MU		 French	Mauritius			     franA<section>ais Maurice
	fr-NC		 French	New Caledonia			     franA<section>ais Nouvelle-CalA(C)donie
	fr-NE		 French	Niger				     franA<section>ais Niger
	fr-PF		 French	French Polynesia		     franA<section>ais PolynA(C)sie franA<section>aise
	fr-PM		 French	St. Pierre & Miquelon		     franA<section>ais Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon
	fr-RE		 French	RA(C)union				franA<section>ais La RA(C)union
	fr-RW		 French	Rwanda				     franA<section>ais Rwanda
	fr-SC		 French	Seychelles			     franA<section>ais Seychelles
	fr-SN		 French	Senegal				     franA<section>ais SA(C)nA(C)gal
	fr-SY		 French	Syria				     franA<section>ais Syrie
	fr-TD		 French	Chad				     franA<section>ais Tchad
	fr-TG		 French	Togo				     franA<section>ais Togo
	fr-TN		 French	Tunisia				     franA<section>ais Tunisie
	fr-VU		 French	Vanuatu				     franA<section>ais Vanuatu
	fr-WF		 French	Wallis & Futuna			     franA<section>ais Wallis-et-Futuna
	fr-YT		 French	Mayotte				     franA<section>ais Mayotte
	fur		 Friulian				     furlan
	fur-IT		 Friulian Italy				     furlan Italie
	fy		 Western Frisian			     Frysk
	fy-NL		 Western Frisian Netherlands		     Frysk NederlAcn
	ga		 Irish					     Gaeilge
	ga-GB		 Irish United Kingdom			     Gaeilge an	RAocht Aontaithe
	ga-IE		 Irish Ireland				     Gaeilge Aire
	gd		 Scottish Gaelic			     GA	idhlig
	gd-GB		 Scottish Gaelic United	Kingdom		     GA	idhlig An RA~oghachd Aonaichte
	gl		 Galician				     galego
	gl-ES		 Galician Spain				     galego EspaA+-a
	gsw		 Swiss German				     SchwiizertA1/4A1/4tsch
	gsw-CH		 Swiss German Switzerland		     SchwiizertA1/4A1/4tsch Schwiiz
	gsw-FR		 Swiss German France			     SchwiizertA1/4A1/4tsch Frankriich
	gsw-LI		 Swiss German Liechtenstein		     SchwiizertA1/4A1/4tsch LiAxchteschtAxi
	gu		 Gujarati				     aaa<<aaaa<degree>aa3/4aaxa<<
	gu-IN		 Gujarati India				     aaa<<aaaa<degree>aa3/4aaxa<< aaaa3/4aa<degree>aax
	guz		 Gusii					     Ekegusii
	guz-KE		 Gusii Kenya				     Ekegusii Kenya
	gv		 Manx					     Gaelg
	gv-IM		 Manx Isle of Man			     Gaelg Ellan Vannin
	ha		 Hausa					     Hausa
	ha-GH		 Hausa Ghana				     Hausa Gana
	ha-NE		 Hausa Niger				     Hausa Nijar
	ha-NG		 Hausa Nigeria				     Hausa Najeriya
	haw		 Hawaiian				     E>>Alelo HawaiE>>i
	haw-US		 Hawaiian United States			     E>>Alelo HawaiE>>i	E>>Amelika Hui PA<< E>>Ia
	he		 Hebrew					     xcxx"xxa
	he-IL		 Hebrew	Israel				     xcxx"xxa xx(C)x"xx
	hi		 Hindi					     ax^1ax?ax"aYax|aY
	hi-IN		 Hindi India				     ax^1ax?ax"aYax|aY axax3/4ax<degree>axx
	hr		 Croatian				     hrvatski
	hr-BA		 Croatian Bosnia & Herzegovina		     hrvatski Bosna i Hercegovina
	hr-HR		 Croatian Croatia			     hrvatski Hrvatska
	hsb		 Upper Sorbian				     hornjoserbA!Aina
	hsb-DE		 Upper Sorbian Germany			     hornjoserbA!Aina NAmska
	hu		 Hungarian				     magyar
	hu-HU		 Hungarian Hungary			     magyar MagyarorszA!g
	hy		 Armenian				     O<degree>O!O<micro>OYOOYO<paragraph>
	hy-AM		 Armenian Armenia			     O<degree>O!O<micro>OYOOYO<paragraph> OO!O<micro>O!O1/2O?O!O<paragraph>
	ia		 Interlingua				     interlingua
	ia-001		 Interlingua World			     interlingua Mundo
	id		 Indonesian				     Indonesia
	id-ID		 Indonesian Indonesia			     Indonesia Indonesia
	ig		 Igbo					     Asa>>Ysa>>Y Igbo
	ig-NG		 Igbo Nigeria				     Asa>>Ysa>>Y Igbo Naa>>ja>>ra>>a
	ii		 Sichuan Yi				     ee	e
	ii-CN		 Sichuan Yi China			     ee	e ee(C)
	is		 Icelandic				     Aslenska
	is-IS		 Icelandic Iceland			     Aslenska Asland
	it		 Italian				     italiano
	it-CH		 Italian Switzerland			     italiano Svizzera
	it-IT		 Italian Italy				     italiano Italia
	it-SM		 Italian San Marino			     italiano San Marino
	it-VA		 Italian Vatican City			     italiano CittA  del Vaticano
	ja		 Japanese				     aeYae~ea
	ja-JP		 Japanese Japan				     aeYae~ea aeYae~
	jgo		 Ngomba					     Ndaea
	jgo-CM		 Ngomba	Cameroon			     Ndaea KamElA>>n
	jmc		 Machame				     Kimachame
	jmc-TZ		 Machame Tanzania			     Kimachame Tanzania
	jv		 Javanese				     Jawa
	jv-ID		 Javanese Indonesia			     Jawa IndonA(C)sia
	ka		 Georgian				     aYaa aaLaa
	ka-GE		 Georgian Georgia			     aYaa aaLaa	a!aaYaa	aaaaa
	kab		 Kabyle					     Taqbaylit
	kab-DZ		 Kabyle	Algeria				     Taqbaylit Lezzayer
	kam		 Kamba					     Kikamba
	kam-KE		 Kamba Kenya				     Kikamba Kenya
	kde		 Makonde				     Chimakonde
	kde-TZ		 Makonde Tanzania			     Chimakonde	Tanzania
	kea		 Kabuverdianu				     kabuverdianu
	kea-CV		 Kabuverdianu Cape Verde		     kabuverdianu Kabu Verdi
	khq		 Koyra Chiini				     Koyra ciini
	khq-ML		 Koyra Chiini Mali			     Koyra ciini Maali
	ki		 Kikuyu					     Gikuyu
	ki-KE		 Kikuyu	Kenya				     Gikuyu Kenya
	kk		 Kazakh					     ODh<degree>Dh.Dh<degree>O NNDh>>N
	kk-KZ		 Kazakh	Kazakhstan			     ODh<degree>Dh.Dh<degree>O NNDh>>N ODh<degree>Dh.Dh<degree>ONNDh<degree>Dh1/2
	kkj		 Kako					     kakE
	kkj-CM		 Kako Cameroon				     kakE KamErun
	kl		 Kalaallisut				     kalaallisut
	kl-GL		 Kalaallisut Greenland			     kalaallisut Kalaallit Nunaat
	kln		 Kalenjin				     Kalenjin
	kln-KE		 Kalenjin Kenya				     Kalenjin Emetab Kenya
	km		 Khmer					     aaaaa
	km-KH		 Khmer Cambodia				     aaaaa aaaaa>>aa<paragraph>
	kn		 Kannada				     a^2a^2"a^3a^2"a^2!
	kn-IN		 Kannada India				     a^2a^2"a^3a^2"a^2!	a^2a^23/4a^2<degree>a^2x
	ko		 Korean					     ie<micro>i'	      _			_
	ko-KP		 Korean	North Korea			     ie<micro>i' i!<_egree>i e 1/4iL1/4iL1/4ii,e 1/4e^3<micro>ie<micro>
	ko-KR		 Korean	South Korea			     ie<micro>i' eie 1/4e<micro>
	kok		 Konkani				     axaYaxaxaxLaY
	kok-IN		 Konkani India				     axaYaxaxaxLaY axax3/4ax<degree>axx
	ks		 Kashmiri				     U(C)U^2O'UO+-
	ks-Arab		 Kashmiri Arabic			     U(C)U^2O'UO+- O<se_tion>UO+-O"U
	ks-Arab-IN	 Kashmiri India	Arabic			     U(C)U^2O'UO+- UUUO	UO^3OaO<section>U O<section>UO+-O"U
	ksb		 Shambala				     Kishambaa
	ksb-TZ		 Shambala Tanzania			     Kishambaa Tanzania
	ksf		 Bafia					     rikpa
	ksf-CM		 Bafia Cameroon				     rikpa kamErAon
	ksh		 Colognian				     KA<paragraph>lsch
	ksh-DE		 Colognian Germany			     KA<paragraph>lsch DoA1/4tschland
	ku		 Kurdish				     kurdA(R)
	ku-TR		 Kurdish Turkey				     kurdA(R) Tirkiye
	kw		 Cornish				     kernewek
	kw-GB		 Cornish United	Kingdom			     kernewek Rywvaneth	Unys
	ky		 Kyrgyz					     DhoNNDh^3NDh.NDh<degree>
	ky-KG		 Kyrgyz	Kyrgyzstan			     DhoNNDh^3NDh.NDh<degree> DhNNDh^3NDh.NNDh<degree>Dh1/2
	lag		 Langi					     KE"laangi
	lag-TZ		 Langi Tanzania				     KE"laangi TaansanAa
	lb		 Luxembourgish				     LA<<tzebuergesch
	lb-LU		 Luxembourgish Luxembourg		     LA<<tzebuergesch LA<<tzebuerg
	lg		 Ganda					     Luganda
	lg-UG		 Ganda Uganda				     Luganda Yuganda
	lkt		 Lakota					     LakEA^3lE1/4iyapi
	lkt-US		 Lakota	United States			     LakEA^3lE1/4iyapi MAlahaAska TEamA!kEoAhe
	ln		 Lingala				     lingA!la
	ln-AO		 Lingala Angola				     lingA!la AngA^3la
	ln-CD		 Lingala Congo - Kinshasa		     lingA!la RepublAki	ya KongA^3 DemokratAki
	ln-CF		 Lingala Central African Republic	     lingA!la Repibiki ya AfrAka ya KA!ti
	ln-CG		 Lingala Congo - Brazzaville		     lingA!la Kongo
	lo		 Lao					     aoYao^2ao<section>
	lo-LA		 Lao Laos				     aoYao^2ao<section>	aoYao^2ao<section>
	lrc		 Northern Luri				     UUO+-U O'UUO<section>UU
	lrc-IQ		 Northern Luri Iraq			     UUO+-U O'UUO<section>UU IQ
	lrc-IR		 Northern Luri Iran			     UUO+-U O'UUO<section>UU IR
	lt		 Lithuanian				     lietuviA^3
	lt-LT		 Lithuanian Lithuania			     lietuviA^3	Lietuva
	lu		 Luba-Katanga				     Tshiluba
	lu-CD		 Luba-Katanga Congo - Kinshasa		     Tshiluba Ditunga wa Kongu
	luo		 Luo					     Dholuo
	luo-KE		 Luo Kenya				     Dholuo Kenya
	luy		 Luyia					     Luluhia
	luy-KE		 Luyia Kenya				     Luluhia Kenya
	lv		 Latvian				     latvieA!u
	lv-LV		 Latvian Latvia				     latvieA!u Latvija
	mai		 Maithili				     mai
	mai-IN		 Maithili India				     mai IN
	mas		 Masai					     Maa
	mas-KE		 Masai Kenya				     Maa Kenya
	mas-TZ		 Masai Tanzania				     Maa Tansania
	mer		 Meru					     KA(C)mA(C)rA(C)
	mer-KE		 Meru Kenya				     KA(C)mA(C)rA(C) Kenya
	mfe		 Morisyen				     kreol morisien
	mfe-MU		 Morisyen Mauritius			     kreol morisien Moris
	mg		 Malagasy				     Malagasy
	mg-MG		 Malagasy Madagascar			     Malagasy Madagasikara
	mgh		 Makhuwa-Meetto				     Makua
	mgh-MZ		 Makhuwa-Meetto	Mozambique		     Makua Umozambiki
	mgo		 MetaE1/4					metaE1/4
	mgo-CM		 MetaE1/4 Cameroon				metaE1/4 Kamalun
	mi		 Maori					     MAori
	mi-NZ		 Maori New Zealand			     MAori Aotearoa
	mk		 Macedonian				     Dh1/4Dh<degree>DhoDh<micro>Dh'Dh3/4Dh1/2NDhoDh,
	mk-MK		 Macedonian North Macedonia		     Dh1/4Dh<deg_ee>DhoDh<micro>Dh'Dh3/4Dh1/2NDhoDh, Dh!Dh<micro>Dh^2Dh<micro>NDh1/2Dh<degree> DhDh<degree>DhoDh<micro>Dh'Dh3/4Dh1/2Dh,NDh<degree>
	ml		 Malayalam				     a'(R)a'^2a'_a'3/4a'^3a'			       _
	ml-IN		 Malayalam India			     a'(R)a'^2a' a'3/4a'^3a' a'a'"a<micro>a'xa<micro>a'
	mn		 Mongolian				     Dh1/4Dh3/4Dh1/2Dh^3Dh3/4Dh>>
	mn-MN		 Mongolian Mongolia			     Dh1/4Dh3/4Dh1/2Dh^3Dh3/4Dh>> DhDh3/4Dh1/2Dh^3Dh3/4Dh>>
	mni		 Manipuri				     mni
	mni-Beng	 Manipuri Bangla			     mni Beng
	mni-Beng-IN	 Manipuri India	Bangla			     mni IN Beng
	mr		 Marathi				     ax(R)ax<degree>ax3/4ax aY
	mr-IN		 Marathi India				     ax(R)ax<degree>ax3/4ax aY axax3/4ax<degree>axx
	ms		 Malay					     Melayu
	ms-BN		 Malay Brunei				     Melayu Brunei
	ms-ID		 Malay Indonesia			     Melayu Indonesia
	ms-MY		 Malay Malaysia				     Melayu Malaysia
	ms-SG		 Malay Singapore			     Melayu Singapura
	mt		 Maltese				     Malti
	mt-MT		 Maltese Malta				     Malti Malta
	mua		 Mundang				     MUNDAA
	mua-CM		 Mundang Cameroon			     MUNDAA kameruA
	my		 Burmese				     aa1/4aaoaa~
	my-MM		 Burmese Myanmar (Burma)		     aa1/4aaoaa~ aa1/4aaoaa~
	mzn		 Mazanderani				     UO<section>O^2O+-UUU
	mzn-IR		 Mazanderani Iran			     UO<section>O^2O+-UUU O<section>UO+-O<section>U
	naq		 Nama					     Khoekhoegowab
	naq-NA		 Nama Namibia				     Khoekhoegowab Namibiab
	nb		 Norwegian BokmAYl			      norsk bokmAYl
	nb-NO		 Norwegian BokmAYl Norway		      norsk bokmAYl Norge
	nb-SJ		 Norwegian BokmAYl Svalbard & Jan Mayen	      norsk bokmAYl Svalbard og	Jan Mayen
	nd		 North Ndebele				     isiNdebele
	nd-ZW		 North Ndebele Zimbabwe			     isiNdebele	Zimbabwe
	nds		 Low German				     nds
	nds-DE		 Low German Germany			     nds DE
	nds-NL		 Low German Netherlands			     nds NL
	ne		 Nepali					     ax"aYaxaax3/4ax^2aY
	ne-IN		 Nepali	India				     ax"aYaxaax3/4ax^2aY axax3/4ax<degree>axx
	ne-NP		 Nepali	Nepal				     ax"aYaxaax3/4ax^2aY ax"aYaxaax3/4ax^2
	nl		 Dutch					     Nederlands
	nl-AW		 Dutch Aruba				     Nederlands	Aruba
	nl-BE		 Dutch Belgium				     Nederlands	BelgiA<<
	nl-BQ		 Dutch Caribbean Netherlands		     Nederlands	Caribisch Nederland
	nl-CW		 Dutch CuraA<section>ao				      Nederlands CuraA<section>ao
	nl-NL		 Dutch Netherlands			     Nederlands	Nederland
	nl-SR		 Dutch Suriname				     Nederlands	Suriname
	nl-SX		 Dutch Sint Maarten			     Nederlands	Sint-Maarten
	nmg		 Kwasio					     nmg
	nmg-CM		 Kwasio	Cameroon			     nmg Kamerun
	nn		 Norwegian Nynorsk			     nynorsk
	nn-NO		 Norwegian Nynorsk Norway		     nynorsk Noreg
	nnh		 Ngiemboon				     ShwA^3AA^2	ngiembEEn
	nnh-CM		 Ngiemboon Cameroon			     ShwA^3AA^2	ngiembEEn KA malA>>m
	nus		 Nuer					     Thok Nath
	nus-SS		 Nuer South Sudan			     Thok Nath SS
	nyn		 Nyankole				     Runyankore
	nyn-UG		 Nyankole Uganda			     Runyankore	Uganda
	om		 Oromo					     Oromoo
	om-ET		 Oromo Ethiopia				     Oromoo Itoophiyaa
	om-KE		 Oromo Kenya				     Oromoo Keeniyaa
	or		 Odia					     a~a~!a~1/4a~?a~
	or-IN		 Odia India				     a~a~!a~1/4a~?a~ a~a~3/4a~<degree>a~x
	os		 Ossetic				     Dh,NDh3/4Dh1/2
	os-GE		 Ossetic Georgia			     Dh,NDh3/4Dh1/2 DhNNNDh'Dh.NNNDh3/4Dh1/2
	os-RU		 Ossetic Russia				     Dh,NDh3/4Dh1/2 DhLONONDh<micro>
	pa		 Punjabi				     a"aa(C)<degree>a"a"3/4a"~a(C)
	pa-Arab		 Punjabi Arabic				     U3/4UO~O<section>O"U O^1O+-O"U
	pa-Arab-PK	 Punjabi Pakistan Arabic		     U3/4UO~O<section>O"U U3/4O<section>U(C)O^3OaO<section>U O^1O+-O"U
	pa-Guru		 Punjabi Gurmukhi			     a"aa(C)<degree>a"a"3/4a"~a(C) a"a(C)a"<degree>a"(R)a(C)a"a(C)
	pa-Guru-IN	 Punjabi India Gurmukhi			     a"aa(C)<degree>a"a"3/4a"~a(C) a"a"3/4a"<degree>a"x	a"a(C)a"<degree>a"(R)a(C)a"a(C)
	pcm		 Nigerian Pidgin			     pcm
	pcm-NG		 Nigerian Pidgin Nigeria		     pcm NG
	pl		 Polish					     polski
	pl-PL		 Polish	Poland				     polski Polska
	prg		 Prussian				     prA<<siskan
	prg-001		 Prussian World				     prA<<siskan 001
	ps		 Pashto					     U3/4UOaU
	ps-AF		 Pashto	Afghanistan			     U3/4UOaU O<section>UOoO<section>UO^3OaO<section>U
	ps-PK		 Pashto	Pakistan			     U3/4UOaU U3/4O<section>U(C)O^3OaO<section>U
	pt		 Portuguese				     portuguAas
	pt-AO		 Portuguese Angola			     portuguAas	Angola
	pt-BR		 Portuguese Brazil			     portuguAas	Brasil
	pt-CH		 Portuguese Switzerland			     portuguAas	SuAA<section>a
	pt-CV		 Portuguese Cape Verde			     portuguAas	Cabo Verde
	pt-GQ		 Portuguese Equatorial Guinea		     portuguAas	GuinA(C) Equatorial
	pt-GW		 Portuguese Guinea-Bissau		     portuguAas	GuinA(C)-Bissau
	pt-LU		 Portuguese Luxembourg			     portuguAas	Luxemburgo
	pt-MO		 Portuguese Macao SAR China		     portuguAas	Macau, RAE da China
	pt-MZ		 Portuguese Mozambique			     portuguAas	MoA<section>ambique
	pt-PT		 Portuguese Portugal			     portuguAas	Portugal
	pt-ST		 Portuguese SALo TomA(C) & PrAncipe		 portuguAas SALo TomA(C) e PrAncipe
	pt-TL		 Portuguese Timor-Leste			     portuguAas	Timor-Leste
	qu		 Quechua				     Runasimi
	qu-BO		 Quechua Bolivia			     Runasimi Bolivia
	qu-EC		 Quechua Ecuador			     Runasimi Ecuador
	qu-PE		 Quechua Peru				     Runasimi PerAo
	rm		 Romansh				     rumantsch
	rm-CH		 Romansh Switzerland			     rumantsch Svizra
	rn		 Rundi					     Ikirundi
	rn-BI		 Rundi Burundi				     Ikirundi Uburundi
	ro		 Romanian				     romAcnA
	ro-MD		 Romanian Moldova			     romAcnA Republica Moldova
	ro-RO		 Romanian Romania			     romAcnA RomAcnia
	rof		 Rombo					     Kihorombo
	rof-TZ		 Rombo Tanzania				     Kihorombo Tanzania
	root		 Root					     root
	ru		 Russian				     NNNNDhoDh,Dh^1
	ru-BY		 Russian Belarus			     NNNNDhoDh,Dh^1 DhDh<micro>Dh>>Dh<degree>NNNN
	ru-KG		 Russian Kyrgyzstan			     NNNNDhoDh,Dh^1 DhDh,NDh^3Dh,Dh.Dh,N
	ru-KZ		 Russian Kazakhstan			     NNNNDhoDh,Dh^1 DhDh<degree>Dh.Dh<degree>NNNDh<degree>Dh1/2
	ru-MD		 Russian Moldova			     NNNNDhoDh,Dh^1 DhDh3/4Dh>>Dh'Dh3/4Dh^2Dh<degree>
	ru-RU		 Russian Russia				     NNNNDhoDh,Dh^1 Dh Dh3/4NNDh,N
	ru-UA		 Russian Ukraine			     NNNNDhoDh,Dh^1 DhLDhoNDh<degree>Dh,Dh1/2Dh<degree>
	rw		 Kinyarwanda				     Kinyarwanda
	rw-RW		 Kinyarwanda Rwanda			     Kinyarwanda U Rwanda
	rwk		 Rwa					     Kiruwa
	rwk-TZ		 Rwa Tanzania				     Kiruwa Tanzania
	sah		 Sakha					     NDh<degree>NDh<degree> NNDh>>Dh<degree>
	sah-RU		 Sakha Russia				     NDh<degree>NDh<degree> NNDh>>Dh<degree> DhNDh<degree>NNNNDh^1Dh<degree>
	saq		 Samburu				     Kisampur
	saq-KE		 Samburu Kenya				     Kisampur Kenya
	sat		 Santali				     sat
	sat-Olck	 Santali Ol Chiki			     sat Olck
	sat-Olck-IN	 Santali India Ol Chiki			     sat IN Olck
	sbp		 Sangu					     Ishisangu
	sbp-TZ		 Sangu Tanzania				     Ishisangu Tansaniya
	sd		 Sindhi					     O^3UUU
	sd-Arab		 Sindhi	Arabic				     O^3UUU O^1O+-O"U
	sd-Arab-PK	 Sindhi	Pakistan Arabic			     O^3UUU U3/4O<section>UaO^3OaO<section>U O^1O+-O"U
	sd-Deva		 Sindhi	Devanagari			     sd	Deva
	sd-Deva-IN	 Sindhi	India Devanagari		     sd	IN Deva
	se		 Northern Sami				     davvisA!megiella
	se-FI		 Northern Sami Finland			     davvisA!megiella Suopma
	se-NO		 Northern Sami Norway			     davvisA!megiella Norga
	se-SE		 Northern Sami Sweden			     davvisA!megiella RuoA<section>A<section>a
	seh		 Sena					     sena
	seh-MZ		 Sena Mozambique			     sena MoA<section>ambique
	ses		 Koyraboro Senni			     Koyraboro senni
	ses-ML		 Koyraboro Senni Mali			     Koyraboro senni Maali
	sg		 Sango					     SAxngA<paragraph>
	sg-CF		 Sango Central African Republic		     SAxngA<paragraph> KA<paragraph>dA<paragraph>rA<paragraph>sAase tA(R) BAaafrA(R)ka
	shi		 Tachelhit				     a<micro>a'<degree>a<micro>a<micro>a<micro>a<micro>a<micro>
	shi-Latn	 Tachelhit Latin			     Tashela,Yiyt Latn
	shi-Latn-MA	 Tachelhit Morocco Latin		     Tashela,Yiyt lmELrib Latn
	shi-Tfng	 Tachelhit Tifinagh			     a<micro>a'<degree>a<micro>a<micro>a<micro>a<micro>a<micro>	Tfng
	shi-Tfng-MA	 Tachelhit Morocco Tifinagh		     a<micro>a'<degree>a<micro>a<micro>a<micro>a<micro>a<micro>	a<micro>a<micro>a<micro>a<micro>a<micro>a'+- Tfng
	si		 Sinhala				     a.a.a<paragraph>a.a<paragraph>1/2
	si-LK		 Sinhala Sri Lanka			     a.a.a<paragraph>a.a<paragraph>1/2 a.a.aa<paragraph>>>a. a<paragraph>1/2a<paragraph>a<paragraph>a.a.
	sk		 Slovak					     slovenAina
	sk-SK		 Slovak	Slovakia			     slovenAina	Slovensko
	sl		 Slovenian				     slovenA!Aina
	sl-SI		 Slovenian Slovenia			     slovenA!Aina Slovenija
	smn		 Inari Sami				     anarAcA!kielAc
	smn-FI		 Inari Sami Finland			     anarAcA!kielAc SuomAc
	sn		 Shona					     chiShona
	sn-ZW		 Shona Zimbabwe				     chiShona Zimbabwe
	so		 Somali					     Soomaali
	so-DJ		 Somali	Djibouti			     Soomaali Jabuuti
	so-ET		 Somali	Ethiopia			     Soomaali Itoobiya
	so-KE		 Somali	Kenya				     Soomaali Kenya
	so-SO		 Somali	Somalia				     Soomaali Soomaaliya
	sq		 Albanian				     shqip
	sq-AL		 Albanian Albania			     shqip ShqipA<<ri
	sq-MK		 Albanian North	Macedonia		     shqip Maqedonia e Veriut
	sq-XK		 Albanian Kosovo			     shqip KosovA<<
	sr		 Serbian				     NNDh?NDhoDh,
	sr-Cyrl		 Serbian Cyrillic			     NNDh?NDhoDh, NDh,NDh,Dh>>Dh,NDh<degree>
	sr-Cyrl-BA	 Serbian Bosnia	& Herzegovina Cyrillic	     NNDh?NDhoDh, DhDh3/4NDh1/2Dh<degree> Dh, DhYDh<micro>NNDh<micro>Dh^3Dh3/4Dh^2Dh,Dh1/2Dh<degree> NDh,NDh,Dh>>Dh,NDh<degree>
	sr-Cyrl-ME	 Serbian Montenegro Cyrillic		     NNDh?NDhoDh, Dh|NDh1/2Dh<degree> DhDh3/4NDh<degree> NDh,NDh,Dh>>Dh,NDh<degree>
	sr-Cyrl-RS	 Serbian Serbia	Cyrillic		     NNDh?NDhoDh, Dh!NDh+-Dh,NDh<degree> NDh,NDh,Dh>>Dh,NDh<degree>
	sr-Cyrl-XK	 Serbian Kosovo	Cyrillic		     NNDh?NDhoDh, DhDh3/4NDh3/4Dh^2Dh3/4 NDh,NDh,Dh>>Dh,NDh<degree>
	sr-Latn		 Serbian Latin				     srpski latinica
	sr-Latn-BA	 Serbian Bosnia	& Herzegovina Latin	     srpski Bosna i Hercegovina	latinica
	sr-Latn-ME	 Serbian Montenegro Latin		     srpski Crna Gora latinica
	sr-Latn-RS	 Serbian Serbia	Latin			     srpski Srbija latinica
	sr-Latn-XK	 Serbian Kosovo	Latin			     srpski Kosovo latinica
	su		 Sundanese				     su
	su-Latn		 Sundanese Latin			     su	Latn
	su-Latn-ID	 Sundanese Indonesia Latin		     su	ID Latn
	sv		 Swedish				     svenska
	sv-AX		 Swedish Aland Islands			     svenska Aland
	sv-FI		 Swedish Finland			     svenska Finland
	sv-SE		 Swedish Sweden				     svenska Sverige
	sw		 Swahili				     Kiswahili
	sw-CD		 Swahili Congo - Kinshasa		     Kiswahili Jamhuri ya Kidemokrasia ya Kongo
	sw-KE		 Swahili Kenya				     Kiswahili Kenya
	sw-TZ		 Swahili Tanzania			     Kiswahili Tanzania
	sw-UG		 Swahili Uganda				     Kiswahili Uganda	    _
	ta		 Tamil					     a(R)xa(R)(R)a(R)?a(R)'a_		_	       _
	ta-IN		 Tamil India				     a(R)xa(R)(R)a(R)?a(R)'a_ a(R)a(R)"a a(R)xa(R)?aa(R)3/4
	ta-LK		 Tamil Sri Lanka			     a(R)xa(R)(R)a(R)?a(R)'a_ a(R)a(R)^2a(R)aa(R)a	  _
	ta-MY		 Tamil Malaysia				     a(R)xa(R)(R)a(R)?a(R)'a_ a(R)(R)a(R)^2a_a(R)a(R)?a_R) a(R_3/4	    _
	ta-SG		 Tamil Singapore			     a(R)xa(R)(R)a(R)?a(R)'a  a(R)a(R)?a(R)a a(R)a(R)aa	a(R)aa a(R)<degree>a
	te		 Telugu					     a<degree>xa+-a<degree>^2a+-a<degree>a+-
	te-IN		 Telugu	India				     a<degree>xa+-a<degree>^2a+-a<degree>a+- a<degree>a<degree>3/4a<degree><degree>a<degree>xa<degree>|a+-a<degree><paragraph>a<degree>
	teo		 Teso					     Kiteso
	teo-KE		 Teso Kenya				     Kiteso Kenia
	teo-UG		 Teso Uganda				     Kiteso Uganda
	tg		 Tajik					     NDh3/4O.Dh,DhoOL
	tg-TJ		 Tajik Tajikistan			     NDh3/4O.Dh,DhoOL DhcDh3/4O.Dh,DhoDh,NNDh3/4Dh1/2
	th		 Thai					     a^1a,a,c
	th-TH		 Thai Thailand				     a^1a,a,c a^1a,a,c
	ti		 Tigrinya				     a<micro>aaa
	ti-ER		 Tigrinya Eritrea			     a<micro>aaa axaa<micro>a<<
	ti-ET		 Tigrinya Ethiopia			     a<micro>aaa aca<micro>a(R)a<micro>a<<
	tk		 Turkmen				     tA1/4rkmen	dili
	tk-TM		 Turkmen Turkmenistan			     tA1/4rkmen	dili TA1/4rkmenistan
	to		 Tongan					     lea fakatonga
	to-TO		 Tongan	Tonga				     lea fakatonga Tonga
	tr		 Turkish				     TA1/4rkA<section>e
	tr-CY		 Turkish Cyprus				     TA1/4rkA<section>e	KA+-brA+-s
	tr-TR		 Turkish Turkey				     TA1/4rkA<section>e	TA1/4rkiye
	tt		 Tatar					     NDh<degree>NDh<degree>N
	tt-RU		 Tatar Russia				     NDh<degree>NDh<degree>N Dh	Dh3/4NNDh,N
	twq		 Tasawaq				     Tasawaq senni
	twq-NE		 Tasawaq Niger				     Tasawaq senni NiA3/4er
	tzm		 Central Atlas Tamazight		     TamaziELt n laa^1laa^1L
	tzm-MA		 Central Atlas Tamazight Morocco	     TamaziELt n laa^1laa^1L Mea^1a^1uk
	ug		 Uyghur					     O|UUOoUO+-UU      _
	ug-CN		 Uyghur	China				     O|UUOoUO+-UU O~UUU	U
	uk		 Ukrainian				     NDhoNDh<degree>NDh1/2NNDhoDh<degree>
	uk-UA		 Ukrainian Ukraine			     NDhoNDh<degree>_NDh1/2NNDhoDh<degree> DhLDhoNDh<degree>NDh1/2Dh<degree>
	ur		 Urdu					     O<section>O+-O_U
	ur-IN		 Urdu India				     O<section>O+-O_U O"U3/4O<section>O+-Oa
	ur-PK		 Urdu Pakistan				     O<section>O+-O U U3/4O<section>U(C)O^3OaO<section>U
	uz		 Uzbek					     oazbek
	uz-Arab		 Uzbek Arabic				     O<section>UO^2O"UU(C) O^1O+-O"U
	uz-Arab-AF	 Uzbek Afghanistan Arabic		     O<section>UO^2O"UU(C) O<section>UOoO<section>UO^3OaO<section>U O^1O+-O"U
	uz-Cyrl		 Uzbek Cyrillic				     NDh.Dh+-Dh<micro>DhoNDh<degree> DhDh,NDh,Dh>>
	uz-Cyrl-UZ	 Uzbek Uzbekistan Cyrillic		     NDh.Dh+-Dh<micro>DhoNDh<degree> DhDh.Dh+-Dh<micro>DhoDh,NNDh3/4Dh1/2 DhDh,NDh,Dh>>
	uz-Latn		 Uzbek Latin				     oazbek lotin
	uz-Latn-UZ	 Uzbek Uzbekistan Latin			     oazbek OE>>zbekiston lotin
	vai		 Vai					     eex
	vai-Latn	 Vai Latin				     Vai Latn
	vai-Latn-LR	 Vai Liberia Latin			     Vai Laibhiya Latn
	vai-Vaii	 Vai Vai				     eex Vaii
	vai-Vaii-LR	 Vai Liberia Vai			     eex eexe<<e(C) Vaii
	vi		 Vietnamese				     Tiao?ng Via>>t
	vi-VN		 Vietnamese Vietnam			     Tiao?ng Via>>t Via>>t Nam
	vo		 VolapA1/4k					vo
	vo-001		 VolapA1/4k World				vo 001
	vun		 Vunjo					     Kyivunjo
	vun-TZ		 Vunjo Tanzania				     Kyivunjo Tanzania
	wae		 Walser					     Walser
	wae-CH		 Walser	Switzerland			     Walser Schwiz
	wo		 Wolof					     Wolof
	wo-SN		 Wolof Senegal				     Wolof Senegaal
	xh		 Xhosa					     isiXhosa
	xh-ZA		 Xhosa South Africa			     isiXhosa eMzantsi Afrika
	xog		 Soga					     Olusoga
	xog-UG		 Soga Uganda				     Olusoga Yuganda
	yav		 Yangben				     nuasue
	yav-CM		 Yangben Cameroon			     nuasue KemelAon
	yi		 Yiddish				     xxO'xxx(C)
	yi-001		 Yiddish World				     xxO'xxx(C)	xxxcxx
	yo		 Yoruba					     AdA" YorA^1bA!
	yo-BJ		 Yoruba	Benin				     AdA" YorA^1bA! OrAlEIA"de BEInEI
	yo-NG		 Yoruba	Nigeria				     AdA" YorA^1bA! Orilao^1I-A"dA" NA A~jArAA
	yue		 Cantonese				     c^2<m_cro>ea
	yue-Hans	 Cantonese Simplified			     c^2xe_ c(R)a1/2
	yue-Hans-CN	 Cantonese China Simplified		     c^2xe  a,aaooae<degree>a+-aa1/2 c(R)a1/2
	yue-Hant	 Cantonese Traditional			     c^2<micro>ea c^1ec^2<micro>ea a,e aooae<degree>a+-aae|ae, c^1aYe!ae?a c^1e<<
	zgh		 Standard Moroccan Tamazight		     a<micro>a'<degree>a<micro>a'<degree>a<micro>La<micro>a<micro>a<micro>
	zgh-MA		 Standard Moroccan Tamazight Morocco	     a<micro>a'<degree>a<micro>a'<degree>a<micro>La<micro>a<micro>a<micro> a<micro>a<micro>a<micro>a<micro>a<micro>a'+-
	zh		 Chinese				     a,ae
	zh-Hans		 Chinese Simplified			     a,ae c(R)a1/2
	zh-Hans-CN	 Chinese China Simplified		     a,ae a,a1/2 c(R)aa,ae a,a1/2e|ae, c^1a<<e!ae?ao c(R)a1/2
	zh-Hans-MO	 Chinese Macao SAR China Simplified	     a,ae a,a1/2ae3/4^3e"c^1a<<e!ae?ao c(R)a1/2
	zh-Hans-SG	 Chinese Singapore Simplified		     a,ae ae<degree>a a! c(R)a1/2
	zh-Hant		 Chinese Traditional			     a,ae c^1e<<  _
	zh-Hant-HK	 Chinese Hong Kong SAR China Traditional     a,ae a,ae|ae, c^1aYe!ae?a c^1e<<a
	zh-Hant-MO	 Chinese Macao SAR China Traditional	     a,ae a,aae3/4^3ec^1aYe!ae?a c^1e<<a
	zh-Hant-TW	 Chinese Taiwan	Traditional		     a,ae a<degree>cL c^1e<<
	zu		 Zulu					     isiZulu
	zu-ZA		 Zulu South Africa			     isiZulu iNingizimu	Afrika

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       Dave Rolsky <>

       This software is	copyright (c) 2003 - 2020 by Dave Rolsky.

       This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
       the same	terms as the Perl 5 programming	language system	itself.

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