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       DateTime::Calendar::FrenchRevolutionary::Locale::fr -- French
       localization for	the French revolutionary calendar.

	 use DateTime::Calendar::FrenchRevolutionary::Locale;
	 my $french_locale = DateTime::Calendar::FrenchRevolutionary::Locale->load('fr');

	 my $french_month_name =$french_locale->month_name($date);

       This module provides localization for
       DateTime::Calendar::FrenchRevolutionary.	 Usually, its methods will be
       invoked only from DT::C::FR.

       This module provides the	following class	methods:

       o   new

	   Returns an  object instance,	 which is just	a convenient value  to
	   be stored in	a variable.

	   Contrary to	the widely used	Gregorian  calendar, there is  no need
	   to customize	a French Revolutionary calendar	locale.	Therefore,
	   there are no	instance data and no instance methods.

       o   month_name ($date)

	   Returns  the	French	name for  $date's month,  where	$date  is a
	   "DateTime::Calendar::FrenchRevolutionary" object.

       o   month_abbreviation ($date)

	   Returns a 3-letter abbreviation for the French month	name.

       o   day_name ($date)

	   Returns the French day name.

       o   day_abbreviation ($date)

	   Returns a 3-letter abbreviation for the French day name.

       o   feast_short ($date)

	   Returns  the	name for  the plant,  animal or	 tool that  correspond
	   to $date's feast.

       o   feast_long ($date)

	   Same	 as  "feast_short", with  a  "jour"  prefix.

       o   feast_caps ($date)

	   Same	as "feast_long"	with capitalized first letters.

       o   on_date ($date)

	   Gives a small text about the	 events	which occurred the same	month
	   and day as $date between the	calendar's epoch (22 Sep 1792) and the
	   day it was rescinded	(31 Dec	1805).

	   Most	of these events	come  from an anonymous	propaganda book
	   published in	year  VIII (1799--1800). The others are	 common
	   knowledge available in any French History book or any encyclopedia.

       Support for this	module is provided via the email
       list. See <> for more details.

       Jean Forget <>

       The development of this module is hosted	by Les Mongueurs de Perl,

       Calendrier Militaire, anonymous (see the	last entry of the Internet





       "DA(C)cret  du  4 frimaire,  an	II  (24	 novembre  1793) sur  l'A"re,
       le commencement et l'organisation de l'annA(C)e et sur les noms des
       jours et	des mois"


       Same text, with a slightly different typography.


       "Archives parlementaires	 de 1789 A   1860: recueil complet  des
       dA(C)bats lA(C)gislatifs	& politiques  des Chambres
       franA<section>aises", J.	 Madival and E.	 Laurent, et. al.,  eds,
       Librairie administrative	de  P. Dupont, Paris, 1912.

       Starting	with  page 6,  this document  includes the  same text  as the
       previous	links, with  a much improved typography.  Especially, all the
       "long s"	 letters have been replaced  by	short s. Also  interesting is
       the text	 following the	decree,	page 21	 and following:	 "Annuaire ou
       calendrier pour la seconde annA(C)e de la RA(C)publique
       franA<section>aise, annexe du dA(C)cret	du  4  frimaire,  an  II (24
       novembre	 1793)	sur  l'A"re,  le commencement et l'organisation	de
       l'annA(C)e et sur les noms des jours et des mois".


       [Fabre] "Rapport	fait A	la Convention nationale	dans la	sA(C)ance du 3
       du second mois de la seconde annA(C)e  de la RA(C)publique
       franA<section>aise, au nom de la	  Commission	chargA(C)e   de	  la
       confection    du	  calendrier", Philippe-FranA<section>ois-Nazaire
       Fabre  d'Aglantine,  Imprimerie	nationale, Paris, 1793


       [Annuaire] "Annuaire  du	cultivateur,  pour la  troisiA"me annA(C)e  de
       la RA(C)publique	 : prA(C)sentA(C)  le  30 pluviA'se  de	l'an  II  A
       la  Convention nationale, qui en	 a dA(C)crA(C)tA(C) l'impression et
       l'envoi,	 pour servir aux A(C)coles  de la  RA(C)publique",  Gilbert
       Romme,  Imprimerie nationale  des lois, Paris, 1794-1795


       "Calendrier militaire,  ou tableau  sommaire des	 victoires
       remportA(C)es par les  ArmA(C)es	de  la RA(C)publique
       franA<section>aise,  depuis sa  fondation (22 septembre 1792),
       jusqu'au	9  florA(C)al an  7, A(C)poque	de la  rupture du CongrA"s de
       Rastadt et de la	reprise	des hostilitA(C)s" Moutardier, Paris, An  VIII
       de  la RA(C)publique  franA<section>aise.  The source  of the
       "on_date" method.

       Copyright (c)  2003, 2004, 2010,	 2012, 2014, 2016, 2019	 Jean Forget.
       All  rights  reserved.	This  program  is  free	  software.  You  can
       distribute,	   modify,	  and	      otherwise	       mangle
       DateTime::Calendar::FrenchRevolutionary under  the same terms  as perl

       This program is	distributed under the same terms  as Perl 5.16.3: GNU
       Public License version 1	or later and Perl Artistic License

       You can find the	text of	the licenses in	the LICENSE file or at
       <> and

       Here is the summary of GPL:

       This program is	free software; you can redistribute  it	and/or modify
       it under	the  terms of the GNU General Public  License as published by
       the Free	 Software Foundation; either  version 1, or (at	 your option)
       any later version.

       This program  is	distributed in the  hope that it will  be useful, but
       WITHOUT	 ANY  WARRANTY;	  without  even	  the  implied	 warranty  of
       General Public License for more details.

       You should  have	received  a copy  of the  GNU General  Public License
       along with  this	program; if not,  see <>
       or write	to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., <>.

perl v5.32.1		DateTime::Calendar::FrenchRevolutionary::Locale::fr(3)


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