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Data::ParseBinary::FilUsertContributed PeData::ParseBinary::FileSystem::MBR(3)

       Data::ParseBinary::FileSystem::MBR - Parsing the	partition table

	   use Data::ParseBinary::FileSystem::MBR qw{$mbr_parser};
	   my $data = $mbr_parser->parse(CreateStreamReader(File => $fh));

       Can parse the binary structure of the MBR. (that	is the structure that
       tells your computer what	partitions exists on the drive)	Getting	the
       data from there is your problem.

       This is a part of the Data::ParseBinary package,	and is just one	ready-
       made parser.  please go to the main page	for additional usage info.

perl v5.24.1			  2010-12Data::ParseBinary::FileSystem::MBR(3)


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