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Data::ObjectDriver::PrUsereContributed Perl DocData::ObjectDriver::Profiler(3)

       Data::ObjectDriver::Profiler - Query profiling

	   my $profiler	= Data::ObjectDriver->profiler;

	   my $stats = $profiler->statistics;
	   my $total = $stats->{'DBI:total_queries'};

	   my $log = $profiler->query_log;


       To turn on profiling, set $Data::ObjectDriver::PROFILE to a true	value.
       Alternatively, you can set the DOD_PROFILE environment variable to a
       true value before starting your application.

       Profiling is global to Data::ObjectDriver, so the Profiler object is a
       global instance variable. To get	it, call Data::ObjectDriver-_profiler,
       which returns a Data::ObjectDriver::Profiler object.

       Returns a hash reference	of statistics about the	queries	that have been

       Returns a reference to an array of SQL queries as they were handed off
       to DBI. This means that placeholder variables are not substituted, so
       you'll end up with queries in the query log like	"SELECT	title,
       difficulty FROM recipe WHERE recipe_id =	?".

       Returns a reference to a	hash containing, as keys, all of the SQL
       statements in the query log, where the value for	each of	the keys is a
       number representing the number of times the query was executed.

       Resets the statistics and the query log.

       Returns the total number	of queries currently logged in the profiler.

       Returns a string	containing a pretty report of information about	the
       current number of each type of query in the profiler (e.g. "SELECT",

       Returns a string	containing a pretty report of information about	the
       current query frequency information in the profiler.

perl v5.32.0			  2020-03-03   Data::ObjectDriver::Profiler(3)


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