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DOM_NamedNodeMap(3m)	     Document Object Model	  DOM_NamedNodeMap(3m)

       DOM_NamedNodeMap	 -  the	 Document  Object Model	(DOM) DOM_NamedNodeMap

       #include	<domc.h>

       typedef struct {
	    int	length;
	    /* other members */
       } DOM_NamedNodeMap;

       DOM_Node	*DOM_NamedNodeMap_getNamedItem(DOM_NamedNodeMap	*this, DOM_String *name);
       DOM_Node	*DOM_NamedNodeMap_setNamedItem(DOM_NamedNodeMap	*this, DOM_Node	*arg);
       DOM_Node	*DOM_NamedNodeMap_removeNamedItem(DOM_NamedNodeMap *this, DOM_String *name);
       DOM_Node	*DOM_NamedNodeMap_item(DOM_NamedNodeMap	*this, int index);

       The DOM_NamedNodeMap type provides access to an unordered map that pre-
       mits  nodes  to be retrieved and	set by their nodeName.	The attributes
       member of a DOM_Element node type is  a	DOM_NamedNodeMap  as  are  the
       entities	and notations members of the DOM_DocumentType interface.

	      The  DOM_NamedNodeMap_getNamedItem  function  returns  the  node
	      associated with the name parameter or returnes NULL if there  is
	      no node by that name in the map.

	      The  DOM_NamedNodeMap_setNamedItem  function  puts  the node arg
	      into this	map using it's nodeName	member as key key. If  a  node
	      with the same name already exists	in the map it will be replaced
	      with the new node	and returned. If the  replaced	node  will  no
	      longer be	used it	must be	freed with DOM_Document_destroyNode.

	      The   DOM_NamedNodeMap_removeNamedItem   function	  removes  and
	      returns the named	item from this map or returns NULL if there is
	      no node by that name in the map.

	      The  DOM specifications require that attributes with default DTD
	      values should be	replaced  by  their  default  value  when  the
	      attribute	 is  removed.  Currently DOMC does not support default
	      DTD values.

       item   The DOM_NamedNodeMap_item	function returns the node in this list
	      at index which starts from 0.

	      If  the new DOM_Node replaces an existing	node the replaced node
	      is returned. Otherwise NULL is returned.

       item   The node at the specified	index or NULL  if  there  is  no  such

domc-0.8.0			  Sep 9, 2004		  DOM_NamedNodeMap(3m)


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