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DNSCheck::Test::NameseUser(Contributed Perl DocumDNSCheck::Test::Nameserver(3)

       DNSCheck::Test::Nameserver - Test a nameserver

       Test a single name server for a specific	zone. The following tests are

       o   The nameserver must be a valid hostname (according to

       o   The nameserver should not be	recursive.

       o   The nameserver must be authoritative	for the	zone.

       o   The SOA record for the zone must be fetchable over both UDP and

       o   The nameserver may provide AXFR for the zone.

       ->new($parent, $zone, $nameserver)
	   Create a new	test object, and optionally set	the zone and
	   nameserver name that	will be	tested.	If those two are set, the
	   values will be used as defaults for many other methods.

       ->test($zone, $nameserver);
	   Perform the default set of tests for	a nameserver in	a delegated
	   domain. Uses	the defaults set in new(), if any. Returns the number
	   of problems found at	level ERROR and	CRITICAL (as well as detiled
	   log info in the parent's logger object as usual).

	   For this test, a lookup on the nameserver name will be made and all
	   tests run on	all addresses found (obeying global settings for use
	   of IPv4 and IPv6, of	course).

	   Get or set the default zone for this	object.

	   Get or set the default nameserver name for this object.

       ->ns_check_id($ip, [$name])
	   Run the version-fetching test for the specified server.

       ->ns_recursive($ip, [$name])
	   Test	if the specified server	is recursive. As all tests here,
	   returns the number of problems on levels ERROR and CRITICAL found,
	   and populates the logger object.

       ->ns_authoritative($ip, [$name, $zone])
	   Test	if the specified server	is authoritative for the given zone
	   (nameserver name is only used for logging).

       ->ns_udp($ip, [$name, $zone])
	   Test	if the given server can	be queried via UDP.

       ->ns_tcp($ip, [$name, $zone])
	   Test	if the given server can	be queried via TCP.

       ->ns_axfr($ip, [$name, $zone])
	   Test	if the given server allows transfer of the given zone.

       DNSCheck, DNSCheck::Logger, DNSCheck::Test::Host

perl v5.32.0			  2010-06-29	 DNSCheck::Test::Nameserver(3)


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