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       DJabberd::Delivery::ComponentConnection - Delivery through a JEP-0114
       component connection

       This class allows you to	route stanzas over a JEP-0114 component
       connection. It can operate both as a server (to which you can connect
       third-party JEP-0114 components)	and as a client, where a DJabberd
       VHost itself acts as a component.

       The server support allows you to	connect	third-party components and
       transports such as the popular pyXXXt range of transports to other IM

       The client support means	that you can expose any	DJabberd VHost as a
       JEP-0114	component and connect the resulting component to any other
       Jabberd implementation which supports JEP-0114. In effect this allows
       you to use DJabberd as a	platform to write a component while retaining
       your existing Jabber server implementation.

       Note: The server	mode doesn't currently work. See
       DJabberd::Component::External.  This module may change name at some
       point; the combination of the client and	server modes into on module is
       not finalized.

       Copyright 2006 Martin Atkins and	Six Apart

       This library is part of the Jabber server DJabberd. It can be modified
       and distributed under the same terms as DJabberd	itself.

perl v5.32.0			  20DJabberd::Delivery::ComponentConnection(3)


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