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DC_PLUG_NEW(2)			   distcache			DC_PLUG_NEW(2)

       DC_PLUG_new, DC_PLUG_free, DC_PLUG_to_select, DC_PLUG_io	- basic
       DC_PLUG functions

	#include <distcache/dc_plug.h>

	DC_PLUG	*DC_PLUG_new(NAL_CONNECTION *conn, unsigned int	flags);
	int DC_PLUG_free(DC_PLUG *plug);
	void DC_PLUG_to_select(DC_PLUG *plug, NAL_SELECTOR *sel);
	int DC_PLUG_io(DC_PLUG *plug, NAL_SELECTOR *sel);

       DC_PLUG_new() allocates and initialises a DC_PLUG structure encapsulat-
       ing the specified connection. The flags parameter is zero or a bitmask
       combining one or	more of	the following flags;

	#define	DC_PLUG_FLAG_TO_SERVER	       (unsigned int)0x0001
	#define	DC_PLUG_FLAG_NOFREE_CONN       (unsigned int)0x0002

       If the DC_PLUG_FLAG_TO_SERVER flag is specified,	the plug object	will
       expect to be sending ``request''	messages and receiving ``response''
       messages, otherwise will	default	to the opposite	sense.

       DC_PLUG_free() frees the	DC_PLUG	structure and, unless it had been cre-
       ated with the DC_PLUG_FLAG_NOFREE_CONN flag, will also destroy the con-
       nection object it encapsulates.

       DC_PLUG_to_select() is used to add a plug object	to the sel selector so
       that it can be tested for network events	it is waiting on. This will
       automatically handle selection of flags depending on the	plug object's
       state. Ie. it will select for writability on its	underlying connection
       only if there is	data waiting to	be sent, and likewise will select for
       readability only	if it is ready to receive any data that	may have ar-

       DC_PLUG_io() is used to allow network I/O to be performed on a plug ob-
       ject's underlying connection depending on the results of	the last se-
       lect operation on sel.

       DC_PLUG_new() returns the new plug object on success, otherwise NULL
       for failure.

       DC_PLUG_free() should never fail	and should only	return non-zero	re-

       DC_PLUG_to_select() has no return value.

       DC_PLUG_io() return zero	on an error, otherwise non-zero.

       None of the DC_PLUG functions sets (or clears) errno because it is im-
       plemented on top	of the libnal library which in turn is an abstraction
       layer for the system's networking interfaces. As	such, any errno	codes
       set by failure in system	libraries will not be overwritten by these

       DC_PLUG_read(2) - Provides documentation	for other DC_PLUG functions

       distcache(8) - Overview of the distcache	architecture. - Distcache home page.

       This toolkit was	designed and implemented by Geoff Thorpe for Crypto-
       graphic Appliances Incorporated.	Since the project was released into
       open source, it has a home page and a project environment where devel-
       opment, mailing lists, and releases are organised. For problems with
       the software or this man	page please check for new releases at the
       project web-site	below, mail the	users mailing list described there, or
       contact the author at

       Home Page:

1.5.1				  2004.10.19			DC_PLUG_NEW(2)


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