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CrystalRoxHOWTO(1)		 FVWM-Crystal		    CrystalRoxHOWTO(1)

       Crystal ROX! HOWTO (Read	as "Crystal rocks!" ;)

       In  this	 HOWTO	I will show you	how to setup FVWM-Crystal desktop with
       ROX-Filer file manager, so they are working smoothly.

What is	ROX-Filer?
       (From the ROX-Filer manual) ROX-Filer is	a graphical  file  manger  for
       the  X  Window System. Its user interface is based on the RISC OS filer
       and it supports similar features	such as	 application  directories  and
       drag-and-drop  loading and saving of files. The filer can also act as a
       pinboard, allowing you to pin frequently	used files  onto  the  desktop


       In  Crystal,  while  you	 can  utilize an application-based work	system
       (open an	application and	from it's menu	open  a	 document),  ROX-Filer
       will  let  you use also document-based work style (open a document file
       in selected application), of course after  a  little  customization  of
       Filer's settings.

How to make ROX-Filer work with	FVWM-Crystal?
       Install ROX-Filer. I assume that	executable is called 'rox'. If name is
       different, change  it  accordingly  or  make  a	symlink	 to  '/usr/lo-

       In  FVWM-Crystal	you can	select a "desktop manager" to use. This	option
       is located in: Diamond -> Preferences ->	Desktop	manager.  Select  ROX-
       Filer.  Crystal will ask	you to logout and start	again your X session -
       you can do it right away	or later, if you wish.

       If everything was correctly installed,  FVWM-Crystal  should  run  with
       gray  background	and "Home" icon	in the upper-left corner of the	screen
       (that's ROX's pinboard).	Now click on the background and	from the  menu
       select  "ROX-Filer"->"Options".	Go to "Iconified windows" and turn off
       "Show iconified windows"	option.	Now go to "Compatibility" section  and
       turn on "Pass all backdrop mouse	clicks to window manager" option. This
       way you will be able to open terminal windows using RMB on the desktop.
       ROX-Filer menu can be still accessed by clicling	with RMB on the	icons.
       You can now change ROX's	options	at will.

       You can change desktop wallpaper	using the Crystal's menu system.

Known issues:
       o  window thumbnails aren't transparent,	probably because FVWM  doesn't
	  use ROX's pinboard as	the source of transparency for it's icons?

       o  Icon	selected  on  the  desktop stays selected; that's because ROX-
	  Filer	sends all mouse	button clicks to the window  manager.  If  you
	  don't	 want  a selected icon on the desktop all the time, open a di-
	  rectory or launch a file from	your desktop.

       Maciej Delmanowski <>

version	3.0.5			 mai 05, 2007		    CrystalRoxHOWTO(1)

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