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CosTimerEvent_TimerEventHanErlang)Module DefCosTimerEvent_TimerEventHandler(3)

       CosTimerEvent_TimerEventHandler	- This module implements the OMG  Cos-
       TimerEvent::TimerEventHandler interface.

       To get access to	the record definitions for the structures use:

       '_get_status'(TimerEventHandler)	-> Reply


		 TimerEventHandler = #objref
		 Reply = 'ESTimeSet' | 'ESTimeCleared' | 'ESTriggered' |  'ES-

	      This operation returns the status	of the target object.

		* 'ESTimeSet' -	timer is set to	trigger	event(s).

		* 'ESTimeCleared' - no time set	or the timer have been reset.

		* 'ESTriggered'	- event	has already been sent.

		* 'ESFailedTrigger' - tried to,	but failed, sending the	event.

	      If  the  target  object is of type 'TTPeriodic' the status value
	      'ESTriggered' is not valid.

       time_set(TimerEventHandler) -> Reply


		 TimerEventHandler = #objref
		 Reply = {boolean(), UTO}
		 UTO = #objref

	      This operation returns true if the time  has  been  set  for  an
	      event  that  is yet to be	triggered, false otherwise. The	outpa-
	      rameter represents the current time value	of the target object.

       set_timer(TimerEventHandler, TimeType, TriggerTime) -> void()


		 TimerEventHandler = #objref
		 TimeType = 'TTAbsolute' | 'TTRelative'	| 'TTPeriodic'
		 TriggerTime = UTO
		 UTO = #objref

	      This operation terminates	any previous set trigger,  and	set  a
	      new trigger specified by the TimeType and	UTO objects.

	      The relation between the UTO object and the TimeTypes are:

		* 'TTAbsolute'	- the UTO object must represent	absolute time,
		  i.e.,	number of 100 nanoseconds passed since 15 october 1582

		* 'TTRelative'	-  the	UTO object must	represent the from now
		  until	when the  event	 should	 be  triggered,	 e.g.,	within
		  30*10^7 nanoseconds.

		* 'TTPeriodic' - the same as for 'TTRelative', but this	option
		  will trigger an event	periodically until timer cancelled.

       cancel_timer(TimerEventHandler) -> boolean()


		 TimerEventHandler = #objref

	      This operation cancel, if	possible, the triggering of  event(s).
	      Returns true if an event is actually cancelled, false otherwise.

       set_data(TimerEventHandler, EventData) -> ok


		 TimerEventHandler = #objref
		 EventData = #any

	      This operation changes the event data sent when triggered.

Ericsson AB			cosTime	1.1.CosTimerEvent_TimerEventHandler(3)


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