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Connector::Tee(3)     User Contributed Perl Documentation    Connector::Tee(3)


       This connector can be used to search for	a value	over multiple branches
       in a way	that is	transparent to the caller.

Configurarion Example
	 class:	Connector::Tee
	 accept: "\\A[a-zA-Z]+\\z"
	  - static
	  - conn1
	  - conn2

	      test1: NO
	      test2: YES
	      test3: 0
	   conn1@: connector:connectors.conn1
	   conn2@: connector:connectors.conn2

       If the connector	with the above configuration is	called with
       get('test1'), the request is dispatched to nodes.static.test1 which
       evaluates to NO and is returned as the overall result.

       If you call get('test3'), the result is NOT 0 as	this does not match
       the regex given as accept pattern! The request is therefore resend to
       nodes.conn1.test3 which is revolved to another connector	call. In case
       the result of this connector does also not match	the pattern (or	is
       empty), the same	request	is send	to nodes.conn2.test3.

       For the scalar get call,	the value given	to accept is evaluated as a
       case-sensitive regex pattern using qr// internally. If you set accept
       to the empty string, any	defined	value is accepted.

       For get_hash, an	empty value for	accept will let	the empty hash pass,
       if accept is set	to any true value, only	non-empty hashes are accepted.

       For get_list, accept is ignored and only	non-empty lists	are accepted.

perl v5.32.0			  2020-06-26		     Connector::Tee(3)

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