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Connector::Iterator(3)User Contributed Perl DocumentatioConnector::Iterator(3)


       Helper to perform a set operation over a	list of	connector endpoints
       while handing errors individually for each connector. The return	value
       is a hashref with the processed target names as key and an empty	value
       if no errors occured and	the exception message if the target failed.
       You must	set skip_on_error to enable handling of	expcetions, otherwise
       they just bubble	up and terminate execution of the loop.

       Intended	use case: write	the same data to multiple targets by using
       multiple	connectors. Failed write attemps can be	skipped	or queued and

   Supported methods

Configuration Example
	   my $target =	OpenXPKI::Connector::Iterator->new({
	       BASECONNECTOR =>	$config,
	       PREFIX => $prefix

	   $target->set( [ $data->{issuer}{CN}[0] ], $data );

	   Reference to	the connector for the underlying config.

	   The full path to the	node above the targets.

	   List	of targets to iterate thru, must be single path	elements!

	   By default, exceptions from the called connectors bubble up,	the
	   loop	over the targets terminate. If set, all	connectors are
	   processed and any exceptions	are returned in	the result.

perl v5.32.0			  2020-06-26		Connector::Iterator(3)

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