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MakeMethods::CompositeUser Contributed Perl DocumentaMakeMethods::Composite(3)

       Class::MakeMethods::Composite - Make extensible compound	methods

	 package MyObject;
	 use Class::MakeMethods::Composite::Hash (
	   new => 'new',
	   scalar => [ 'foo', 'bar' ],
	   array => 'my_list',
	   hash	=> 'my_index',

       This document describes the various subclasses of Class::MakeMethods
       included	under the Composite::* namespace, and the method types each
       one provides.

       The Composite subclasses	provide	a parameterized	set of method-
       generation implementations.

       Subroutines are generated as closures bound to a	hash containing	the
       method name and additional parameters, including	the arrays of
       subroutine references that will provide the method's functionality.

   Calling Conventions
       When you	"use" this package, the	method names you provide as arguments
       cause subroutines to be generated and installed in your module.

       See "Calling Conventions" in Class::MakeMethods::Standard for more

   Declaration Syntax
       To declare methods, pass	in pairs of a method-type name followed	by one
       or more method names.

       Valid method-type names for this	package	are listed in "METHOD

       See "Declaration	Syntax"	in Class::MakeMethods::Standard	and "Parameter
       Syntax" in Class::MakeMethods::Standard for more	information.

   About Composite Methods
       The methods generated by	Class::MakeMethods::Composite are assembled
       from groups of "fragment" subroutines, each of which provides some
       aspect of the method's behavior.

       You can add pre-	and post- operations to	any composite method.

	 package MyObject;
	 use Class::MakeMethods::Composite::Hash (
	   new => 'new',
	   scalar => [
	     'foo' => {
	       'pre_rules' => [
		 sub {
		   # Don't automatically convert list to array-ref
		   croak "Too many arguments" if ( scalar @_ > 2 );
	       'post_rules' => [
		 sub {
		   # Don't let anyone see my credit card number!
		   ${(pop)->{result}} =~ s/\d{13,16}/****/g;

       See Class::MakeMethods for general information about this distribution.

       For distribution, installation, support,	copyright and license
       information, see	Class::MakeMethods::Docs::ReadMe.

perl v5.24.1			  2004-09-06	     MakeMethods::Composite(3)


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