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Char(3)				 OCaml library			       Char(3)

       Char - Character	operations.

       Module	Char

       Module Char
	: sig end

       Character operations.

       val code	: char -> int

       Return the ASCII	code of	the argument.

       val chr : int ->	char

       Return the character with the given ASCII code.	Raise Invalid_argument
       Char.chr	if the argument	is outside the range 0--255.

       val escaped : char -> string

       Return a	string representing the	given character, with special  charac-
       ters escaped following the lexical conventions of OCaml.

       val lowercase : char -> char

       Convert the given character to its equivalent lowercase character.

       val uppercase : char -> char

       Convert the given character to its equivalent uppercase character.

       type t =	char

       An alias	for the	type of	characters.

       val compare : t -> t -> int

       The  comparison function	for characters,	with the same specification as .  Along with	the type t , this function compare al-
       lows  the module	Char to	be passed as argument to the functors Set.Make
       and Map.Make .

OCamldoc			  2017-04-30			       Char(3)

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