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Catalyst::DispatchTypeUsergContributed Perl DoCatalyst::DispatchType::Regex(3)

       Catalyst::DispatchType::Regex - Regex DispatchType

       See Catalyst::DispatchType.

       Status: Deprecated. Regex dispatch types	have been deprecated and
       removed from Catalyst core. It is recommend that	you use	Chained
       methods or other	techniques instead. As part of the refactoring,	the
       dispatch	priority of Regex vs Regexp vs LocalRegex vs LocalRegexp may
       have changed. Priority is now influenced	by when	the dispatch type is
       first seen in your application.

       When loaded, a warning about the	deprecation will be printed to STDERR.
       To suppress the warning set the CATALYST_NOWARN_DEPRECATE environment
       variable	to a true value.

       Dispatch	type managing path-matching behaviour using regexes.  For more
       information on dispatch types, see:

       o   Catalyst::Manual::Intro for how they	affect application authors

       o   Catalyst::DispatchType for implementation information.

       Output a	table of all regex actions, and	their private equivalent.

   $self->match( $c, $path )
       Checks path against every compiled regex, and offers the	action for any
       regex which matches a chance to match the request. If it	succeeds, sets
       action, match and captures on $c->req and returns 1. If not, returns 0
       without altering	$c.

   $self->register( $c,	$action	)
       Registers one or	more regex actions for an action object.  Also
       registers them as literal paths.

       Returns 1 if any	regexps	were registered.

   $self->register_regex($c, $re, $action)
       Register	an individual regex on the action. Usually called from the
       register	method.

   $self->uri_for_action($action, $captures)
       returns a URI for this action if	it can find a regex attributes that
       contains	the correct number of () captures. Note	that this may function
       incorrectly in the case of nested captures - if your regex does
       (...(..))..(..) you'll need to pass the first and third captures	only.

       Catalyst	Contributors, see

       This library is free software. You can redistribute it and/or modify it
       under the same terms as Perl itself.

perl v5.32.1			  2022-04-02  Catalyst::DispatchType::Regex(3)


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