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Datum::MakeMaker(3)   User Contributed Perl Documentation  Datum::MakeMaker(3)

       Carp::Datum::MakeMaker -	Offer to strip Carp::Datum calls statically

	# Put this at the top of the Makefile.PL for your module
	use ExtUtils::MakeMaker;       # you may omit this line
	use Carp::Datum::MakeMaker;

       The "Carp::Datum::MakeMaker" module supersedes the regular
       WriteMakefile() routine of "ExtUtils::MakeMaker".

       When running the	Makefile.PL from a module interactively, the user will
       be asked	whether	calls to "Carp::Datum" should be stripped at build

       By default, or when running non-interactively, most calls to
       Carp::Datum routines will be removed: the "datum_strip" program will be
       invoked to filter *.pm files during the build process.  This program is
       a mere wrapper for the datum_strip() routine, defined in

       The only	call that will not be stripped is the DTRACE() call.  However,
       it will be dynamically remapped to a "Log::Agent" call.	It cannot be
       statically remapped because of its baroque interface.

       At the top of Makefile.PL, insert

	   use Carp::Datum::MakeMaker;

       which will take care of loading "ExtUtils::MakeMaker".  Note that it
       makes sense to refer to this module, since "Carp::Datum"	is being used
       internally, and therefore the user will not be able to install the
       module if they do not have "Carp::Datum"	already	installed.

       If you wish to be nicer about "Carp::Datum" not being installed,	you
       can say instead:

	   use ExtUtils::MakeMaker;
	   eval	"use Carp::Datum::MakeMaker;";

	       'NAME'	   => "Your::module::name",
	       'PREREQ_PM' => {
		   'Carp::Datum'  => '0.100',

       It will allow them to run the Makefile.PL, and yet be reminded about
       the missing "Carp::Datum" module.  Chances are they won't be able to go
       much farther though...

       Christophe Dehaudt and Raphael Manfredi are the original	authors.

       Send bug	reports, hints,	tips, suggestions to Dave Hoover at

       Carp::Datum::Strip(3), ExtUtils::MakeMaker(3).

perl v5.32.1			  2002-01-16		   Datum::MakeMaker(3)


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