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CPAN::Inject(3)	      User Contributed Perl Documentation      CPAN::Inject(3)

       CPAN::Inject - Base class for injecting distributions into CPAN sources

	 # Create the injector
	 my $cpan = CPAN::Inject->new(
	     sources =>	'/root/.cpan/sources',	# Required field
	     author  =>	'LOCAL',		# The default

	 # Add a file to the user
	 $cpan->add( file => 'some/random/Perl-Tarball-1.02.tar.gz' );

	 # What	would have have	to use when installing
	 # $path = 'LOCAL/Perl-Tarball-1.02.tar.gz';
	 my $path = $cpan->install_path( 'some/random/Perl-Tarball-1.02.tar.gz'	);

       Following the release of	CPAN::Mini, the	CPAN::Mini::Inject module was
       created to add additional distributions into a minicpan mirror.

       While it	was created for	use with a minicpan mirror, similar
       functionality can be reused in other situations.

       CPAN::Inject replicates the basics of this functionality.

       Specifically, it	takes an arbitrary tarball and adds it to the CPAN
       sources directory for a particular author, and then add the new file to
       the CHECKSUMS file.

       It does not reimplement the logic to add	files to the indexes.

       The initial use this module was created for was to inject tarballs into
       the CPAN	sources	directory for the reserved LOCAL user, so that the can
       be installed via	the CPAN shell,	with automated recursion to CPAN

       But although the	number of functions is limited (current	only "add"
       exists, with the	others to be added as needed) the implementation is
       very generic and	sub-classable, so that it can be reused	in other

	 # Create the injector for the default LOCAL author
	 $cpan = CPAN::Inject->new(
	     sources =>	'/root/.cpan/sources',

	 # Create the injector for a specific author
	 $cpan = CPAN::Inject->new(
	     sources =>	'/root/.cpan/sources',
	     author  =>	'ADAMK',

       The "new" constructor takes a set of named params and create a cpan
       injection object.

       * sources - The compulsory "sources" param should be the	path to	a
       directory that is the root of a mirror (or a partial mirror such	as a
       CPAN::Cache or a	CPAN::Mini).

       To retain the permissions and ownership integrity of the	sources	tree,
       you must	be the owner of	the "sources" directory	in order to inject the
       distribution tarballs.

       * author	- The optional "author"	param should be	the CPAN id of an
       author. By default, the reserved	local CPAN id "LOCAL" will be used.

       The author provided will	be used	as a default in	all further actions.

       Returns a "CPAN::Inject"	object,	or throws an exception on error.

       The "from_cpan_config" constructor loads	the configuration
       file, and uses the data contained within	to specific the	sources	path
       for the object.

       This constructor	is otherwise the same.

       Returns a CPAN::Inject object on	success, or throws an exception	on

       The "sources" accessor returns the path to the root of the directory

       The "author" accessor returns the CPAN id for the default author	which
       will be "LOCAL" if you did not provide an alternative param to the the
       "new" constructor.

	 # Add a file to the constructor/default author
	 $cpan->add( file => 'any/arbitrary/Perl-Tarball-1.01.tar.gz' );

       The "add" method	takes a	Perl distribution tarball from an arbitrary
       path, and adds it to the	sources	path.

       The specific location the tarball is copied to will be in the root
       directory for the author	provided to the	constructor.

       Returns the install_path	value as a convenience,	or throws an exception
       on error.

	 # Remove a distribution from the repository
	 $cpan->remove(	dist =>	'LOCAL/Perl-Tarball-1.01.tar.gz' );

       The "remove" method takes a distribution	path and removes it from the
       sources path. The file is also removed.

       Does not	return anything	useful and throws an exception on error.

	 # $path = 'authors/id/L/LO/LOCAL'
	 $path = $cpan->author_subpath;

       The "author_subpath" method takes a CPAN	author id (or uses the CPAN
       author id originally provided to	the constructor) and returns the
       relative	subpath	for the	AUTHOR within the sources tree.

       Returns the subpath as a	string.

	 # $path = '/root/.cpan/sources/authors/id/L/LO/LOCAL'
	 $path = $cpan->author_subpath;

       The "author_path" method	finds the full path for	the root directory for
       the named author.

       Returns the path	as a string.

	 # $path = '/root/.cpan/sources/authors/id/L/LO/LOCAL/Perl-Tarball-1.02.tar.gz'
	 $path = $cpan->file_path( 'Perl-Tarball-1.02.tar.gz' );
	 $path = $cpan->file_path( '/some/random/place/Perl-Tarball-1.02.tar.gz' );

       The "file_path" method takes the	name of	a tarball (either just the
       name or a full path) and	calculates the location	that the file will end
       up at.

       When files are copied into the sources directory, they are always
       copied to the top level of the author root.

       Returns the path	as a string.

	 # $path = 'LOCAL/Perl-Tarball-1.01.tar.gz';
	 $path = $cpan->install_path( 'Perl-Tarball-1.01.tar.gz' );
	 $path = $cpan->install_path( '/some/random/place/Perl-Tarball-1.02.tar.gz' );

       The "install_path" method returns the path for the distribution as the
       CPAN shell understands it.

       Using this path,	the CPAN shell can expand it to	locate the
       distribution, and then can install it.

       Returns the path	as a string.

       This module is stored in	an Open	Repository at the following address.


       Write access to the repository is made available	automatically to any
       published CPAN author, and to most other	volunteers on request.

       If you are able to submit your bug report in the	form of	new (failing)
       unit tests, or can apply	your fix directly instead of submitting	a
       patch, you are strongly encouraged to do	so as the author currently
       maintains over 100 modules and it can take some time to deal with non-
       Critcal bug reports or patches.

       This will guarentee that	your issue will	be addressed in	the next
       release of the module.

       If you cannot provide a direct test or fix, or don't have time to do
       so, then	regular	bug reports are	still accepted and appreciated via the
       CPAN bug	tracker.


       For other issues, for commercial	enhancement or support,	or to have
       your write access enabled for the repository, contact the author	at the
       email address above.

       Adam Kennedy <>


       Copyright 2006 -	2011 Adam Kennedy.

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
       under the same terms as Perl itself.

       The full	text of	the license can	be found in the	LICENSE	file included
       with this module.

perl v5.32.1			  2012-09-12		       CPAN::Inject(3)


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