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CAD::Drawing::Defined(User Contributed Perl DocumentatCAD::Drawing::Defined(3)

       CAD::Drawing::Defined - exported	constants for CAD::Drawing::*

       Everything in this module is exported by	default.  This module is not
       intended	to be used directly, but is required by	each module in the
       CAD::Drawing tree.

       Eric L. Wilhelm <ewilhelm at cpan dot org>

       This module is copyright	(C) 2004-2006 by Eric L. Wilhelm.  Portions
       copyright (C) 2003 by Eric L. Wilhelm and A. Zahner Co.

       This module is distributed under	the same terms as Perl.	 See the Perl
       source package for details.

       You may use this	software under one of the following licenses:

	 (1) GNU General Public	License
	   (found at
	 (2) Artistic License
	   (found at

       This software is	distributed with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.  The author,
       his former employer, and	any other contributors will in no way be held
       liable for any loss or damages resulting	from its use.

       The source code of this module is made freely available and
       distributable under the GPL or Artistic License.	 Modifications to and
       use of this software must adhere	to one of these	licenses.  Changes to
       the code	should be noted	as such	and this notification (as well as the
       above copyright information) must remain	intact on all copies of	the

       Additionally, while the author is actively developing this code,
       notification of any intended changes or extensions would	be most
       helpful in avoiding repeated work for all parties involved.  Please
       contact the author with any such	development plans.

Useful Functions
       These were functions that didn't	seem appropriate as object-oriented
       but were	needed in multiple places.  They are exported by default (as
       is nearly everything in this package.

       Provides	a uniform interface to selection processing.

       NOTE:  this is not an object method and is exported by default!

       Direct calling should be	for internal use only, but you may have	been
       sent to this documentation by one of the	modules	which uses this
       function	to process %option arguments.

       %opts hash may contain  (alias)

	 Inclusive lists:
	 "select layers"      (sl)
	 "select colors"      (sc)
	 "select types"	      (st)
	 "select linetypes"   (slt)

	 Exclusive lists:
	 "not layers"	      (nl)
	 "not colors"	      (nc)
	 "not types"	      (nt)
	 "not linetypes"      (nlt)

       The values must be list references.

       The space-separated terms in the	keys above may now be underscore ("_")
       separated as well (this saves having to double-quote the	item when
       using it	as a hash key in the %options argument.)

       If an option is omitted,	all of that category are selected.

	 ($s, $n) = check_select(\%selection_options);

       $s will be a hash reference to inclusive	items $n will be a hash
       reference to excluded items

       Keys in the returned hash references are	according to the above-listed
       alias conventions ($s->{l} contains a set of true values	for selected
       layers (where the layer name is a string	acting as the hash key.))

       Note that the \%selection_options hash reference	is a required argument
       (at this	level.)	 Any functions which make it optional must declare a
       hash before passing to this.

       Performs	in-place modification of arc angles in \@angs.

       NOTE:  this is not an object method and is exported by default!

       Internal	use only.


       Translates a list of colors into	numbers.  Numbers will be passed
       through (as will	unrecognized names!)

	 @colors = color_translate(@colors);

Various	definitions
       Useful for humans.  Currently, these have to be statically defined
       here.  A	better system might allow more spellings and user-defined
       names (maybe loadable from a file.)

       used to allow other functions to	decide how to handle various entities

Big Constant arrays
       256 value array which contains #RRGGBB photo-style hex codes for	each
       aci color.  This	is mostly hand-mapped.

       Generated from @aci2hex for use in postscript and other items.  The
       idea here is that it is a fairly	small set of values and	may as well
       have been generated and placed in this file, rather than	constantly
       loading-down the	tight loop of saving values to postscript.

       Fairly self-explanatory.	 Saved here only so I don't lose it.

perl v5.32.0			  2020-08-30	      CAD::Drawing::Defined(3)

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