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Bigtop::Docs::QuickKeyUsersContributed Perl DocuBigtop::Docs::QuickKeywords(3)

       Bigtop::Docs::QuickKeywords - Short descriptions	of all Bigtop keywords

       This document is	generated from "Bigtop::Docs::Keywords".  It is
       designed	to be compact.	See "Bigtop::Docs::FullKeywords" for more
       details.	 See "Bigtop::Docs::TOC" for an	annotated list of all doc

	config {}
	   engine - mod_perl 1.3, mod_perl 2.0,	CGI, etc.
	   template_engine - Template Toolkit, Mason, etc.
	   plugins - List of Plugins i.e. AuthCookie Static
	   Example Backend Block:
	       SQL SQLite {}
	   See Bigtop::Docs::Backends for the backends whose blocks can	go here.

	app name {}
	   no_gen - Skip this app completely
	   location - Base Location of the app [defaults to /]
		      Do not use if you	have a Base Controller.
	   authors - Who to blame for the app
	   contact_us -	How to send complaints or join the project
	   copyright_holder - Who owns the app [defaults to 1st	author]
	   license_text	- Restrictions [defaults to Perl license]
	   uses	- List of modules used by base module
		  Do not use if	you have a Base	Controller.
	   label - Documentation label for app

	   config {}
	       any_keyword its_value;	 - creates:
		   (1) config variable value pair in Gantry::Conf (or moral equiv.)
		   (2) a statement to retrieve the set var in the base init method,
		   (3) an accessor in the base module
	       key value => no_accessor; - just	does #1	from above

	   literal Conf	`...`; - top level of Gantry::Conf file
	   literal PerlTop `...`; - immediately	after shebang line in httpd.conf
				    <Perl> block and in	the CGI	scripts
	   literal PerlBlock `...`; - in the httpd.conf	<Perl> block (in order
				      with controllers)
	   literal HttpdConf `...`; - between location directives in httpd.conf
	   literal Location `...`; - in	the base Location directive for	the app
	   literal SQL `...`; -	dumped directly	into all schemas

	 table name {}
	   no_gen - Skip this table completely
	   not_for - Tell Model	and/or SQL to skip this	table
	   foreign_display - Pattern string for	other tables: %last, %first
	   refered_to_by - Table has many rows from this other table
	   model_base_class - Models inherit from this [has good default]
	   sequence - Which sequence to	take default keys from
	   label - Documentation label for table
	   data	- What to INSERT INTO table upon initial creation
	   field name {}
	     no_gen - Skip this	field completely
	     not_for - Tell Model and/or SQL to	skip this field
	     is	- SQL type clause phrases, e.g.:int4, varchar, primary_key, auto
	     accessor -	DBIx::Class alternate accessor name for	this column
	     add_columns - DBIx::Class alternate column	addition
	     refers_to - Where this foreign key	points
	     quasi_refers_to - Where this column usually points
	     on_delete - What to do when foreign key column's row dies
	     on_update - What to do when foreign key column's row changes
	     label - Default on-screen label for field
	     searchable	- Include this field in	searches?
	     html_form_type - form type: text, textarea, select
	     html_form_optional	- May user skip	this field?
	     html_form_constraint - Data::FormValidator	constraint, e.g.: qr{^\d$}
	     html_form_default_value - Form element value when no other	is available
	     html_form_cols - cols attribute of	text area
	     html_form_rows - rows attribute of	text area
	     html_form_display_size - width attribute if type is text
	     html_form_class - class attribute for the form field
	     html_form_hint - form field hint
	     html_form_options - Choices for fields of type select
				 [ignored for refers_to	fields]
	     html_form_foreign - Display field is a foreign key
	     html_form_onchange	- Name of Javascript function to call on change
	     html_form_fieldset	- Name of fieldset to group this field into
	     date_select_text -	link text for date popup window
	     html_form_raw_html	- appears before this field's table row
	     non_essential - Tells modeler: retrieve only when accessed
	     pseudo_value - This is the	definition for a pseudo	field. By defining it, you're declaring	the field as a pseudo field
	     unique_name - Declare this	field as unique, and use the value for the constraint name

	 join_table name {}
	   joins - Which tables	does this one join?
	   names - What	should I call each has many?
	   data	- What to INSERT INTO table upon initial creation
	   fields as for regular tables

	 controller name is [type] {}  type defaults to	stub
	   no_gen - Skip this controller completely
	   location - Absolute Location	of this	controller [non-base controllers
		      must have	either a location or a rel_location.]
	   rel_location	- Location of this controller relative to app location
			  [non-base controllers	must have location or rel_location.]
	   controls_table - Table this controller manages
	   gen_uses - List of modules used in gen module
		      use list ex: qw( :default	)
	   stub_uses - List of modules used in stub module
	   uses	- List of modules used by gen and stub modules
	   plugins - List of plugins used by gen module
	   text_description - Required for Gantry's AutoCRUD
	   page_link_label - Link text in navigation bar
			     [use only for navigable controllers]
	   autocrud_helper - Gantry::Plugins::AutoCRUDHelper for your ORM
	   skip_test - Skip default page hit test of this controller
	   soap_name - Base of all WSDL	names
	   namespace_base - Base URL of	WSDL namespace including domain
	   config [name] {} same as at app level, but overrides	it for one controller
	   literal Location `...`; - in	Location block for this	controller
	   literal GantryLocation `...`; - in GantryLocation block for this controller

	   There are three types with meaning (saying 'is stub'	does nothing):
	       AutoCRUD	- adds Gantry::Plugins::AutoCRUD to your uses list
	       CRUD	- adds Gantry::Plugins::CRUD to	your uses list
			  generates various helper code	for using CRUD in the stub
	       base_controller - governs the app's main	module (and its	GEN partner)

	   method name is type {}
	       no_gen -	Skip this method completely
	     all but SOAP
	       extra_args - Extra args for any method
	     main listing
	       order_by	- Exact	text of	SQL order by
	       rows - How many rows should appear per listing page?
	       paged_conf - Take rows per page from this (conf var) accessor
	       cols - Fields to	include	in main_listing
	       col_labels - Labels for fields on main_listing
			    [optional default uses field labels]
	       pseudo_cols - Pseudo Fields to include in main_listing
	       livesearch - Places a search box	on results page
	       header_options -	User actions affecting the table [like Add]
	       header_option_perms - The table permission which	controls options
				     Pick from create, retrieve, update, or delete
	       row_options - User actions affecting rows [like Edit]
			     Locations should not end with / or
			     include $id
	       row_option_perms	- The table permission which controls options
				  Pick from create, retrieve, update, or delete
	       limit_by	- If an	arg is supplied, show only matching rows
	       where_terms - Where clause will include these equality tests
	     main listing and links
	       title - Browser title bar title for main_listing
	       html_template - Template	to use for main_listing
			       [defaults to or]
	       authed_methods -	Controller methods that	require	auth
	       permissions - Set table permissions e.g.	crudcr--cr--
	       literal - Supply	a custom perl hashref
	       all_fields_but -	Fields to exclude from a form
				[either	all_fields_but or fields is REQUIRED]
	       fields -	Fields to include on a form
			[either	all_fields_but or fields is REQUIRED]
	       extra_keys - Extra keys to put in the form method hash
	       form_name - Form	name [used with	date selections]
	       expects - Things	your SOAP method receives
	       returns - Things	your SOAP method returns

       The skip/keywords script	generated this file Sat	Jul 10 17:04:08	2010.
       The script was written by Phil Crow <>.

       Copyright (C) 2007 by Phil Crow

       This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
       under the same terms as Perl itself, either Perl	version	5.8.6 or, at
       your option, any	later version of Perl 5	you may	have available.

       But keep	in mind	that it	was generated.	Make modifications to the
       generting script.

perl v5.24.1			  2017-07-03	Bigtop::Docs::QuickKeywords(3)


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