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Attr_helper(3)			   OCamldoc			Attr_helper(3)

       Attr_helper - Helpers for attributes

       Module	Attr_helper

       Module Attr_helper
	: sig end

       Helpers for attributes

       type error =
	| Multiple_attributes of string
	| No_payload_expected of string

       val  get_no_payload_attribute  :	string list -> Parsetree.attributes ->
       string Asttypes.loc option

       The string list argument	of the following functions is a	list of	alter-
       native names for	the attribute we are looking for. For instance:

       ["foo"; ]

       val  has_no_payload_attribute  :	string list -> Parsetree.attributes ->

       exception Error of Location.t * error

       val report_error	: Format.formatter -> error -> unit

2020-08-11			    source:			Attr_helper(3)

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