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App::Netdisco::Web::PlUser(Contributed Perl DocumApp::Netdisco::Web::Plugin(3)

       App::Netdisco::Web::Plugin - Netdisco Web UI components

       App::Netdisco's plugin system allows you	more control of	what Netdisco
       components are displayed	in the web interface. Plugins can be
       distributed independently from Netdisco and are a better	alternative to
       source code patches.

       The following web interface components are implemented as plugins:

       o   Navigation Bar items	(e.g. Inventory	link)

       o   Tabs	for Search and Device pages

       o   Reports (pre-canned searches)

       o   Additional Device Port Columns

       o   Additional Device Details

       o   Admin Menu function (job control, manual topology, pseudo devices)

       See <> for

perl v5.32.1			  2021-11-16	 App::Netdisco::Web::Plugin(3)

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