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       Apache2::MPM - Perl API for accessing Apache MPM	information

	 use Apache2::MPM ();

	 # check whether Apache	MPM is threaded
	 if (Apache2::MPM->is_threaded)	{ do_something() }

	 # which mpm is	used
	 my $mpm = lc Apache2::MPM->show;

	 # query mpm properties
	 use Apache2::Const -compile =>	qw(:mpmq);
	 if (Apache2::MPM->query(Apache2::Const::MPMQ_STATIC)) { ... }

       "Apache2::MPM" provides the Perl	API for	accessing Apache MPM

       "Apache2::MPM" provides the following functions and/or methods:

       Query various attributes	of the MPM

	 my $query = Apache2::MPM->query($const);

       obj: $class ( "Apache2::MPM class" )
	   the class name

       arg1: $const ( "Apache2::Const :mpmq group constant" )
	   The MPM attribute to	query.

       ret: $query ( boolean )
	   the result of the query

       since: 2.0.00

       For example to test whether the mpm is static:

	 use Apache2::Const -compile =>	qw(MPMQ_STATIC);
	 if (Apache2::MPM->query(Apache2::Const::MPMQ_STATIC)) { ... }

       Check whether the running Apache	MPM is threaded.

	 my $is_threaded = Apache2::MPM->is_threaded;

       obj: $class ( "Apache2::MPM class" )
	   the class name

       ret: $is_threaded ( boolean )
	   threaded or not

       since: 2.0.00

       Note that this functionality is just a shortcut for:

	 use Apache2::Const -compile =>	qw(MPMQ_IS_THREADED);
	 my $is_threaded = Apache2::MPM->query(Apache2::Const::MPMQ_IS_THREADED);

       What mpm	is used

	 my $mpm = Apache2::MPM->show();

       obj: $class ( "Apache2::MPM class" )
	   the class name

       ret: $mpm ( string )
	   the name of the MPM.	e.g., "Prefork".

       since: 2.0.00

See Also
       mod_perl	2.0 documentation.

       mod_perl	2.0 and	its core modules are copyrighted under The Apache
       Software	License, Version 2.0.

       The mod_perl development	team and numerous contributors.

perl v5.32.0		     work::mod_perl-2.0.11::docs::api::Apache2::MPM(3)

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