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Apache::Qpsmtpd(3)    User Contributed Perl Documentation   Apache::Qpsmtpd(3)

       Apache::Qpsmtpd - a mod_perl-2 connection handler for qpsmtpd

	 Listen smtp
	 AcceptFilter smtp none
	 ## "smtp" and the AcceptFilter	are required for Linux,	FreeBSD
	 ## with apache	>= 2.1.5, for others it	doesn't	hurt. See also
	 ## and

	 LoadModule perl_module	modules/

	 use lib qw( /path/to/qpsmtpd/lib );
	 use Apache::Qpsmtpd;
	 $ENV{QPSMTPD_CONFIG} =	"/path/to/qpsmtpd/config";

	 <VirtualHost _default_:25>
	 PerlModule Apache::Qpsmtpd
	 PerlProcessConnectionHandler Apache::Qpsmtpd
	 # can specify this in config/plugin_dirs if you wish:
	 PerlSetVar qpsmtpd.plugin_dirs	/path/to/qpsmtpd/plugins
	 PerlSetVar qpsmtpd.loglevel 4

       Using multiple instances	of Qpsmtpd on the same server is also possible
       by setting:


       Then in the VirtualHost of each config define the configuration

	 PerlSetVar qpsmtpd.config_dir /path/to/qpsmtpd/config

       Several different configurations	can be running on the same server.

       This module implements a	mod_perl/apache	2.0 connection handler that
       turns Apache into an SMTP server	using Qpsmtpd.

       It also allows you to set single-valued config options (such as
       loglevel, as seen above)	using "PerlSetVar" in httpd.conf.

       This module should be considered	beta software as it is not yet widely
       tested. However it is currently the fastest way to run Qpsmtpd, so if
       performance is important	to you then consider this module.

       Probably	a few. Make sure you test your plugins carefully.

       The Apache scoreboard (/server-status/) mostly works and	shows
       connections, but	could do with some enhancements	specific to SMTP.

       Matt Sergeant, <>

       Some credit goes	to <>	for Apache::SMTP which gave me
       the inspiration to do this.  <> added the virtual host

perl v5.32.0			  2013-12-17		    Apache::Qpsmtpd(3)


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