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AllPlanes(3)			XLIB FUNCTIONS			  AllPlanes(3)

       AllPlanes, BlackPixel, WhitePixel, ConnectionNumber, DefaultColormap,
       DefaultDepth, XListDepths, DefaultGC, DefaultRootWindow,	Default-
       ScreenOfDisplay,	DefaultScreen, DefaultVisual, DisplayCells, Display-
       Planes, DisplayString, XMaxRequestSize, XExtendedMaxRequestSize,	Last-
       KnownRequestProcessed, NextRequest, ProtocolVersion, ProtocolRevision,
       QLength,	RootWindow, ScreenCount, ScreenOfDisplay, ServerVendor,	Ven-
       dorRelease - Display macros and functions

       unsigned	long AllPlanes;

       unsigned	long BlackPixel(Display	*display, int screen_number);

       unsigned	long WhitePixel(Display	*display, int screen_number);

       int ConnectionNumber(Display *display);

       Colormap	DefaultColormap(Display	*display, int screen_number);

       int DefaultDepth(Display	*display, int screen_number);

       int *XListDepths(Display	*display, int screen_number, int count_re-

       GC DefaultGC(Display *display, int screen_number);

       Window DefaultRootWindow(Display	*display);

       Screen *DefaultScreenOfDisplay(Display *display);

       int DefaultScreen(Display *display);

       Visual *DefaultVisual(Display *display, int screen_number);

       int DisplayCells(Display	*display, int screen_number);

       int DisplayPlanes(Display *display, int screen_number);

       char *DisplayString(Display *display);

       long XMaxRequestSize(Display *display)

       long XExtendedMaxRequestSize(Display *display)

       unsigned	long LastKnownRequestProcessed(Display *display);

       unsigned	long NextRequest(Display *display);

       int ProtocolVersion(Display *display);

       int ProtocolRevision(Display *display);

       int QLength(Display *display);

       Window RootWindow(Display *display, int screen_number);

       int ScreenCount(Display *display);

       Screen *ScreenOfDisplay(Display *display, int screen_number);

       char *ServerVendor(Display *display)

       int VendorRelease(Display *display)

       display	 Specifies the connection to the X server.

		 Specifies the appropriate screen number on the	host server.

		 Returns the number of depths.

       The AllPlanes macro returns a value with	all bits set to	1 suitable for
       use in a	plane argument to a procedure.

       The BlackPixel macro returns the	black pixel value for the specified

       The WhitePixel macro returns the	white pixel value for the specified

       The ConnectionNumber macro returns a connection number for the speci-
       fied display.

       The DefaultColormap macro returns the default colormap ID for alloca-
       tion on the specified screen.

       The DefaultDepth	macro returns the depth	(number	of planes) of the de-
       fault root window for the specified screen.

       The XListDepths function	returns	the array of depths that are available
       on the specified	screen.	 If the	specified screen_number	is valid and
       sufficient memory for the array can be allocated, XListDepths sets
       count_return to the number of available depths.	Otherwise, it does not
       set count_return	and returns NULL.  To release the memory allocated for
       the array of depths, use	XFree.

       The DefaultGC macro returns the default GC for the root window of the
       specified screen.

       The DefaultRootWindow macro returns the root window for the default

       The DefaultScreenOfDisplay macro	returns	the default screen of the
       specified display.

       The DefaultScreen macro returns the default screen number referenced in
       the XOpenDisplay	routine.

       The DefaultVisual macro returns the default visual type for the speci-
       fied screen.

       The DisplayCells	macro returns the number of entries in the default

       The DisplayPlanes macro returns the depth of the	root window of the
       specified screen.

       The DisplayString macro returns the string that was passed to XOpenDis-
       play when the current display was opened.

       The XMaxRequestSize function returns the	maximum	request	size (in
       4-byte units) supported by the server without using an extended-length
       protocol	encoding.  Single protocol requests to the server can be no
       larger than this	size unless an extended-length protocol	encoding is
       supported by the	server.	 The protocol guarantees the size to be	no
       smaller than 4096 units (16384 bytes).  Xlib automatically breaks data
       up into multiple	protocol requests as necessary for the following func-
       tions: XDrawPoints, XDrawRectangles, XDrawSegments, XFillArcs, XFill-
       Rectangles, and XPutImage.

       The XExtendedMaxRequestSize function returns zero if the	specified dis-
       play does not support an	extended-length	protocol encoding; otherwise,
       it returns the maximum request size (in 4-byte units) supported by the
       server using the	extended-length	encoding.  The Xlib functions XDraw-
       Lines, XDrawArcs, XFillPolygon, XChangeProperty,	XSetClipRectangles,
       and XSetRegion will use the extended-length encoding as necessary, if
       supported by the	server.	 Use of	the extended-length encoding in	other
       Xlib functions (for example, XDrawPoints, XDrawRectangles, XDrawSeg-
       ments, XFillArcs, XFillRectangles, XPutImage) is	permitted but not re-
       quired; an Xlib implementation may choose to split the data across mul-
       tiple smaller requests instead.

       The LastKnownRequestProcessed macro extracts the	full serial number of
       the last	request	known by Xlib to have been processed by	the X server.

       The NextRequest macro extracts the full serial number that is to	be
       used for	the next request.

       The ProtocolVersion macro returns the major version number (11) of the
       X protocol associated with the connected	display.

       The ProtocolRevision macro returns the minor protocol revision number
       of the X	server.

       The QLength macro returns the length of the event queue for the con-
       nected display.

       The RootWindow macro returns the	root window.

       The ScreenCount macro returns the number	of available screens.

       The ScreenOfDisplay macro returns a pointer to the screen of the	speci-
       fied display.

       The ServerVendor	macro returns a	pointer	to a null-terminated string
       that provides some identification of the	owner of the X server imple-

       The VendorRelease macro returns a number	related	to a vendor's release
       of the X	server.

       BlackPixelOfScreen(3), ImageByteOrder(3), IsCursorKey(3), XOpenDis-
       Xlib - C	Language X Interface

X Version 11			 libX11	1.6.5			  AllPlanes(3)


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