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Algorithm::EvolutionarUsertContributed Perl DAlgorithm::Evolutionary::Utils(3)

       Algorithm::Evolutionary::Utils -	Container module with a	hodgepodge of

	 use Algorithm::Evolutionary::Utils qw(entropy genotypic_entropy hamming consensus average random_bitstring random_number_array	decode_string vector_compare );

	 my $this_entropy = entropy( $population );

	 #Computes consensus sequence (for binary chromosomes
	 my $this_consensus = consensus( $population);

       Miscellaneous class that	contains functions that	might be useful
	   somewhere else, especially when computing EA	statistics.

   entropy( $population)
       Computes	the entropy using the well known Shannon's formula:
       <> 'to avoid botching

   genotypic_entropy( $population)
       Computes	the entropy using the well known Shannon's formula:
       <> 'to avoid botching
       highlighting; in	this case we use chromosome frequencies	instead	of

   hamming( $string_a, $string_b )
       Computes	the number of positions	that are different among two strings,
       the well	known Hamming distance.

   consensus( $population, $rough = 0 )
       Consensus sequence representing the majoritary value for	each bit;
       returns the consensus binary string. If "rough",	then the bit is	set
       only if the difference is bigger	than 0.4 (60/40	proportion).

   average( $population	)
       Computes	an average of population fitness

   random_bitstring( $bits )
       Returns a random	bitstring with the stated number of bits. Useful for

   random_number_array(	$dimensions [, $min = -1] [, $range = 2] )
       Returns a random	number array with the stated length. Useful for
       testing,	mainly.

   parse_xml( $string )
       Parses the string and returns an	XML tree

   decode_string( $chromosome, $gene_size, $min, $range	)
       Decodes to a vector, each one of	whose components ranges	between	$min
       and $max. Returns that vector.

       It does not work	for $gene_size too big.	Certainly not for 64, maybe
       for 32.

   vector_compare( $vector_1, $vector_2	)
       Compares	vectors, returns 1 if 1	dominates 2, -1	if it's	the other way
       round, and 0 if neither dominates the other. Both vectors are supposed
       to be numeric. Returns "undef" if neither is bigger, and	they are not
       equal. Fails if the length is not the same.

	 This file is released under the GPL. See the LICENSE file included in this distribution,
	 or go to

perl v5.32.1			  2014-10-25 Algorithm::Evolutionary::Utils(3)


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