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Acme::GuessNumber(3)  User Contributed Perl Documentation Acme::GuessNumber(3)

       Acme::GuessNumber - An automatic	number guessing	game robot

	 use Acme::GuessNumber;
	 # If you are in a hurry
	 guess_number(25, HURRY_UP);

       Many people have	this experience:  You sit before a gambling table.
       You keep	placing	the bet.  You know the Goddess will finally smile at
       you.  You just don't know when.	You have only to wait.	As the time
       goes by,	the bets in your hand become fewer and fewer.  You feel	the
       time goes slower	and slower.  This lengthy waiting process become
       painfully long, like a train running straightforwardly into hell.  You
       start feeling your whole	life is	a misery, as the jackpot never

       But, hey, why so	painfully waiting?  The	Goddess	will finally smile at
       you, right?  So,	why not	put this painly	waiting	process	to a computer
       program?	 Yes.  That is the whole idea, the greatest invention in the
       century:	 An automatic gambler!	There is no secret.  It	is simple
       brute-force.  It	never-endingly runs toward your	final jackpot.	You
       can go for your life: sleep, eat, work.	When you finally came back you
       win.  With it, the hell of gambling is history!

       Remember, that the computer is never affected by	emotions, luck,
       everything.  It never feel anxious or depressed.	 It simply,
       faithfully, determinedly	runs the probability until the jackpot.	 As
       you know, the anxiety and depression are	the enemy of the games,	while
       a simple, faithful, and determined mind is the only path	to the
       jackpot.	 This makes a computer a perfect gambler than an ordinary
       human being.

       guess_number($max, $hurry)
	   Start playing.  Give	it a maximum range of the numbers, and the
	   program will	play the number	guessing game for you.	If you are in
	   a hurry, you	can also speed it up by	setting	$hurry = 1, or use the
	   exported symbol HURRY_UP.

   It's	so funny!  May I join the game?
       No.  That's the whole point of acme.  Human beings are never acme.
       Only machines are acme.	So, in order for everything to be acme,	no
       human being is allowed.	This ensures that when guessing, the player is
       never bothered by all kinds of feelings:	anxiety, depression, anything.
       It just guesses,	precisely.  Nothing more.

       No.  This can't possiblely be wrong.  This is brute-force.  It will try
       until it	succeeds.  Nothing can stop it from success.  You always win!
       You will	always win!  The Goddess will always smile at you!


       imacat <>

       Copyright (c) 2007-2008 imacat. All rights reserved. This program is
       free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as	Perl itself.

perl v5.24.1			  2013-05-09		  Acme::GuessNumber(3)


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