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AG_RECT(3)	       FreeBSD Library Functions Manual		    AG_RECT(3)

     AG_Rect --	agar rectangle structure

     #include <agar/core.h>
     #include <agar/gui.h>

     Many functions in Agar accept AG_Rect parameters.	This structure de-
     scribes a two-dimensional integer rectangle:

     typedef struct ag_rect {
	     int x, y;
	     int w, h;
     } AG_Rect;

     The alternate AG_Rect2 structure also stores the two endpoints ex-

     typedef struct ag_rect2 {
	     int x1, y1;
	     int w, h;
	     int x2, y2;
     } AG_Rect2;

     AG_Rect AG_RECT(int x, int	y, int w, int h)

     AG_Rect2 AG_RECT2(int x, int y, int w, int	h)

     AG_Rect AG_ReadRect(AG_DataSource *ds)

     AG_Rect2 AG_ReadRect2(AG_DataSource *ds)

     void AG_WriteRect(AG_DataSource *ds, AG_Rect r)

     void AG_WriteRect2(AG_DataSource *ds, AG_Rect2 r)

     AG_Rect AG_Rect2ToRect(AG_Rect2 r)

     AG_Rect2 AG_RectToRect2(AG_Rect r)

     AG_Rect AG_RectIntersect(const AG_Rect *a,	const AG_Rect *b)

     AG_Rect2 AG_RectIntersect2(const AG_Rect2 *a, const AG_Rect2 *b)

     int AG_RectInside(const AG_Rect *r, int x,	int y)

     int AG_RectInside2(const AG_Rect2 *r, int x, int y)

     int AG_RectCompare(const AG_Rect *a, const	AG_Rect	*b)

     int AG_RectCompare2(const AG_Rect2	*a, const AG_Rect2 *b)

     void AG_RectSize(AG_Rect *r, int w, int h)

     void AG_RectSize2(AG_Rect2	*r, int	w, int h)

     void AG_RectTranslate(AG_Rect *r, int x, int y)

     void AG_RectTranslate2(AG_Rect2 *r, int x,	int y)

     The AG_RECT() routine returns an AG_Rect structure	initialized to the
     given coordinates x, y and	dimensions w, h.  The AG_RECT2() variant re-
     turns an AG_Rect2.

     The AG_ReadRect() function	loads a	rectangle from the given
     AG_DataSource(3).	AG_WriteRect() writes a	rectangle to a data source.

     The AG_RectToRect2() and AG_Rect2ToRect() routines	convert	between	the
     AG_Rect and AG_Rect2 formats.

     AG_RectIntersect()	and AG_RectIntersect2()	return intersection of rectan-
     gles a and	b.

     AG_RectInside() and AG_RectInside() return	1 if the point x, y lies in-
     side of rectangle r.

     The AG_RectCompare() and AG_RectCompare2()	routines return	0 if both rec-
     tangles possess the same coordinates and dimensions.

     The AG_RectSize() and AG_RectSize2() routines resize a rectangle to the
     specified dimensions.

     AG_RectTranslate()	and AG_RectTranslate2()	translate a rectangle by the
     specified amount.

     AG_Intro(3), AG_Widget(3)

     The AG_Rect structure first appeared in Agar 1.3.

FreeBSD	13.0		       October 12, 2008			  FreeBSD 13.0


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