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AG_INITVIDEOSDL(3)     FreeBSD Library Functions Manual	    AG_INITVIDEOSDL(3)

     AG_InitVideoSDL --	agar SDL 1.x interface

     #include <agar/core.h>
     #include <agar/gui.h>

     If	Agar has been compiled with SDL	1.x support (--with-sdl), the "sdlfb"
     and "sdlgl" driver	modules	become available, and the GUI system can be
     attached to an existing SDL display context.

     Note: If Agar is to create	a new SDL display context, one should use a
     normal AG_InitGraphics(3) call instead (using "<SDL>" as argument if a
     SDL-capable driver	module is required).

     int AG_InitVideoSDL(SDL_Surface *display, Uint flags)

     int AG_SetVideoSurfaceSDL(SDL_Surface *display)

     int AG_ResizeDisplay(int w, int h)

     void AG_SetVideoResizeCallback(void (*fn)(Uint w, Uint h)))

     The AG_InitVideoSDL() function initializes	the GUI	to attach to an	exist-
     ing SDL display surface.  If the specified	surface	has the	SDL_OPENGL
     flag, the GL-capable "sdlgl" driver module	(see AG_DriverSDLGL(3))	is se-
     lected.  Otherwise, the direct frame-buffer "sdlfb" driver	(see
     AG_DriverSDLFB(3))	is used.  The AG_InitVideoSDL()	function accepts the
     following flags options:

     AG_VIDEO_HWSURFACE	      Request a	hardware frame buffer (pass

     AG_VIDEO_ASYNCBLIT	      Enable asynchronous blitting updates (pass

     AG_VIDEO_ANYFORMAT	      Disable emulation	of surface depth (pass

     AG_VIDEO_HWPALETTE	      Exclusive	palette	access (pass SDL_HWPALETTE).

     AG_VIDEO_DOUBLEBUF	      Enable double-buffering in frame buffer mode.

     AG_VIDEO_FULLSCREEN      Start up application in full-screen mode

     AG_VIDEO_RESIZABLE	      If a window manager is available,	request	that
			      the application be resizable.

     AG_VIDEO_NOFRAME	      If a window manager is available,	disable	window

     AG_VIDEO_BGPOPUPMENU     Whenever the user	right-clicks on	an area	not
			      covered by an Agar window, display a standard
			      pop-up menu with the list	of active windows.

     AG_VIDEO_OPENGL	      Require OpenGL mode.  If OpenGL is not avail-
			      able, initialization will	fail.

     AG_VIDEO_OPENGL_OR_SDL   Try OpenGL mode if available, otherwise fallback
			      to SDL frame-buffer mode.

     AG_VIDEO_OVERLAY	      Run in OpenGL "overlay" mode.  In	this mode,
			      Agar will	never clear the	background or swap GL
			      buffers.	Before rendering itself, Agar will
			      also save	the current OpenGL state and restore
			      it completely once rendering is complete.	 In-
			      ternally,	this option causes the
			      AG_DRIVER_SW_OVERLAY option to be	set (see

     The AG_SetVideoSurfaceSDL() function can be used to reattach to a differ-
     ent (e.g.,	a newly	resized) SDL display surface without reinitializing
     the GUI.

     Note: The AG_InitVideoSDL() and AG_SetVideoSurfaceSDL() functions are
     only available if Agar has	been compiled with SDL 1.x support (to find
     out, include "<agar/config/have_sdl.h>" and test for HAVE_SDL).

     The AG_ResizeDisplay() function resizes the video display to the speci-
     fied dimensions in	pixels.	 AG_SetVideoResizeCallback() registers a call-
     back function which will be invoked whenever the display is resized.
     Both of these functions are only applicable to single-window drivers.

     AG_Core(3), AG_DriverSDLFB(3), AG_DriverSDLGL(3), AG_InitGraphics(3),

     Simple DirectMedia	Layer:

     SDL support first appeared	in Agar	1.0.  The "sdlfb" and "sdlgl" driver
     modules first appeared in Agar 1.4.0.

FreeBSD	13.0			April 18, 2010			  FreeBSD 13.0


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