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AG_DSO(3)		 BSD Library Functions Manual		     AG_DSO(3)

     AG_DSO -- agar portable dynamic linker interface

     #include <agar/core.h>

     AG_DSO provides a cross-platform interface	for loading code from a	dy-
     namic library file	into the current process's address space, resolving
     symbols defined by	the library, and unloading the library.

     AG_DSO * AG_LoadDSO(const char *name, const char *path, Uint flags)

     int AG_SymDSO(AG_DSO *dso,	const char *symbol, void **rv)

     void AG_LockDSO(void)

     void AG_UnlockDSO(void)

     int AG_UnloadDSO(AG_DSO *dso)

     AG_DSO * AG_LookupDSO(const char *name)

     The AG_LoadDSO() function loads the dynamic library file at path into the
     current process's address space.  If the library has already been loaded,
     the existing AG_DSO structure is returned and its reference count incre-
     mented.  name is a	string identifier for the library for use by the
     AG_Object(3) system independently of the file location.  If the library
     was loaded	successfully, a	pointer	to the new AG_DSO structure is re-
     turned.  If an error occured, NULL	is returned and	an error message is

     The AG_SymDSO() function tries to resolve the named symbol.  If success-
     ful, the value is returned	into rv	and 0 is returned.  Otherwise, -1 is
     returned and an error message is set.  Under threads, the value returned
     into rv remains valid as long as AG_LockDSO() is in effect.  AG_SymDSO()
     automatically prepends an underscore to the symbol	if required.

     AG_LockDSO() and AG_UnlockDSO() acquire and release the lock protecting
     the list of loaded	libraries and their resolved symbols.  In multi-
     threaded applications requiring the ability to unload modules, it is not
     safe to reference resolved	symbols	without	acquiring this lock.

     The AG_UnloadDSO()	function decrements the	reference count	of the speci-
     fied AG_DSO object.  If it	reaches	zero, the library is removed from the
     process's address space.

     AG_LookupDSO() searches the list of currently loaded DSOs by the speci-
     fied name.	 If no match is	found, NULL is returned.

     For the AG_DSO structure:

     char name[AG_DSO_NAME_MAX]	  Platform-independent name for	this module.
     char path[AG_PATHNAME_MAX]	  Full path to dynamic library file.
     TAILQ(AG_DSOSym) syms	  List of previously resolved symbols

     For the AG_DSOSym structure:

     char *sym	Symbol name
     char *p	Resolved address

     AG_DataSource(3), AG_Intro(3)

     The AG_DSO	interface first	appeared in Agar 1.3.3.

BSD				August 19, 2008				   BSD


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