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3proxy(8)		    Universal proxy server		     3proxy(8)

       3proxy  -  3[APA3A] tiny	proxy server, or trivial proxy server, or free
       proxy server

       3proxy [config_file]
       3proxy [--install]
       3proxy [--remove]

       3proxy is universal proxy server. It can	be used	 to  provide  internal
       users  wuth  fully controllable access to external resources or to pro-
       vide external users with	access to internal resources.  3proxy  is  not
       developed  to  replace squid(8),	but it can extend functionality	of ex-
       isting cashing proxy.  It can be	used to	route requests between differ-
       ent  types  of clients and proxy	servers. Think about it	as application
       level gateway with configuration	like hardware router has  for  network
       layer.	It  can	 establish multiple gateways with HTTP and HTTPS proxy
       with FTP	over HTTP support, SOCKS v4, v4.5 and v5, POP3 proxy, UDP  and
       TCP  portmappers.  Each gateway is started from configuration file like
       independant  service  httppr(8)	socks(8)  pop3p(8)  tcppm(8)  udppm(8)
       ftppr(8)	 dnspr	but 3proxy is not a kind of wrapper or superserver for
       this daemons. It	just has same code compiled in,	but provides much more
       functionality.  SOCKSv5	implementatation allows	to use 3proxy with any
       UDP or TCP based	client applications  designed  without	proxy  support
       (with SocksCAP, FreeCAP or another client-side redirector under Windows
       of with socksification library  under  Unix).  So  you  can  play  your
       favourite games,	listen music, exchange files and messages and even ac-
       cept incoming connections behind	proxy server.

       dnspr does not exist as independant service. It'	DNS caching proxy  (it
       requires	nscache	and nserver to be set in configuration.	Only A-records
       are cached. Please note,	the this caching is mostly a  'hack'  and  has
       nothing	to  do	with  real DNS server, but it works perfectly for SOHO

       3proxy supports access control lists (ACL) like network router.	Source
       and  destination	networks and destination port can be specified.	In ad-
       dition, usernames and gateway action (for example GET or	POST)  can  be
       used  in	 ACLs.	In order to filter request on username basis user must
       be authenticated	somehow. There are few authentication types  including
       password	 authentication	and authentication by NetBIOS name for Windows
       clients (it's very like ident authentication).  Depending on ACL	action
       request	can be allowed,	denied or redirected to	another	host or	to an-
       other proxy server or even to a chain of	proxy servers.

       It supports different types of logging: to  logfiles,  syslog(3)	 (only
       under  Unix) or to ODBC database. Logging format	is turnable to provide
       compatibility with existing log file parsers. It	makes it  possible  to
       use 3proxy with IIS, ISA, Apache	or Squid log parsers.

	      Name  of	config	file. See 3proxy.cfg(3)	for configuration file
	      format. Under Windows, if	config_file is not  specified,	3proxy
	      looks for	file named 3proxy.cfg in the default location (in same
	      directory	with executable	file and in current directory).	 Under
	      Unix, if no config file is specified, 3proxy reads configuration
	      from stdin. It makes it possible to use 3proxy.cfg file as  exe-
	      cutable script just by setting +x	mode and adding
	      as a first line in 3proxy.cfg

	      (Windows NT family only) install 3proxy as a system service

	      (Windows NT family only) remove 3proxy from system services

       Under Unix there	are few	signals	3proxy catches.	See kill(1).

	      cleanup connections and exit

	      stop to accept new connections, on second	signal - start and re-
	      read configuration

	      start to accept new conenctions

	      reload configuration

       Under Windows, if 3proxy	is installed as	service	you can	standard  ser-
       vice  management	to start, stop,	pause and continue 3proxy service, for
       net start 3proxy
       net stop	3proxy
       net pause 3proxy
       net continue 3proxy

       Web admin service can also be used to reload configuration. Use wget to
       automate	this task.

       /usr/local/etc/3proxy.cfg (3proxy.cfg)
	      3proxy configuration file

       Report all bugs to

       3proxy.cfg(3),	httppr(8),  ftppr(8),  socks(8),  pop3p(8),  tcppm(8),
       udppm(8), kill(1), syslogd(8),

       3APA3A is pronounced as ``zaraza''.

       3proxy is designed by Vladimir 3APA3A Dubrovin (

3proxy 0.9			 January 2019			     3proxy(8)


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