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3dpong(6)			     Games			     3dpong(6)

       3dpong -	three dimensional Pong clone

       3dpong display1 [display2|--computer] [--gravity	g] [--net n] [--sound]
       [--noclick1] [--noclick2]

       3D Pong is a three-dimensional clone of the ancient computer game  Pong
       for the X11 window system.

       There are three modes of	play

       one player
	      One player mode agains the computer

       two players
	      Two human	players, each with their own view at the game

	      One  human player	against	gravity.  This is like throwing	a ball
	      at a wall

       The player(s) is	presented a  three  dimensional	 view  at  the	arena.
       There  is  a  white  divider  in	 the middle, or	possibly the net.  The
       player one's paddle is a	red square, the	player two has a blue  paddle.
       The current score is displayed in the upper left	corner.	 The ball is a
       green diamond, and dark green markers follow the	ball on	the  walls  to
       display it's position in	relation to them.

       The  player(s)  controls	 a  paddle  at one end of the arena with mouse
       movement.  To serve, the	player presses the mouse  button  three.   The
       key  c  toggles	whether	 the player needs to keep the mouse button one
       pressed while dragging the mouse.  See also the --noclickn switches be-

       Six views exist,	switched amongst with the key v

       normal 1st person perspective from behind the paddle

	      Side view, with the paddle on the	left

       above  From above, paddle on the	top

	      Any  angle  the  user  selects, by pressing mouse	button two and
	      dragging the mouse

       follow the ball
	      The view follows the ball

       follow the paddle
	      The view follows the paddle

       Key 3 toggles red/blue mode to be used  with  appropriate  3D  glasses,
       with red	for the	left eye.

       The game	quits if the q key is pressed.

       The  game  goes	on  until quitted.  In the one or two player games the
       ball gets faster	and faster until someone  scores.   Players  score  by
       getting the ball	behind the opponents paddle.  In the handball mode the
       player scores every time	the ball bounces off the paddle, and does  not
       go to the goal.	The high score will kept for the session.

       The  switches  display1 and display2  specify  the X11 displays for the
       game.  The first	is mandatory, and ``$DISPLAY'' is often	a  good	 value
       for  it.	  The  special	value  ``computer''  means that	only one human
       player is to play, the other will be a computer player.	 If  only  one
       display is specified, then a handball game is started.

       Attention to the	order of the options must be payed.

       --gravity g
	      The gravity to use.  In one and two player games,	this is	toward
	      the floor, and in	the handball it	is toward the paddle.  Minimum
	      gravity  for  handball  game is 0.1, and negative	values are not
	      allowed, unlike in the other  two	 modes.	  A  synonym  for  the
	      switch is	-g g

       --net n
	      To  use  a  net in the one or two	player modes, use this switch.
	      The value	of n must be 0>n>0.75.	The net	will be	in the middle,
	      between  the  two	 players  and  when  the ball hits it, it will
	      bounce back at full force.  The maximum  height,	0.75,  is  two
	      thirds  of  the  height  of  the game arena.  A synonym for this
	      switch is	-n n The net option must not appear before the gravity

	      To  use  sound  in the game, use this switch or it's synonym -s.
	      This must	appear after the optional net switch.

       The switches --noclick1 and--noclick2 mean that	the  specified	player
       need  not  to  keep the mouse button 1 pressed down.  Such options must
       appear last on the command line.	 The key c can also be used to	toggle
       this while the game is running.

       This manual page	documents the 3D Pong version 0.5, and is based	on the
       README.txt file in the distribution.

       The game	is written by Bill Kendrick  <>,  and
       this  manual  page  was	written	independetly of	the actual software by
       mace <>.  The game sounds originally	appeared in  the  game

				  28/04/2004			     3dpong(6)


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