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XDrawImageA(3x), XDrawImageString(3x)
text:8-bit characters XDrawImageString (en draw 8-bit image text characters
(en draw an 8-bit text string, foreground only
(en draw 8-bit polytext strings
text:width, obtaining XTextWidth (en get the width in pixels of an 8-bit character string, locally
C-Kermit 8.0 communications software for serial and network connections: modem dialing, file transfer and management, terminal connection, character-set translation, numeric and alpha paging, and script programming
nondcesvc(4), *Lnondcesvc*O(4)
file for dceping(8) that lists non-DCE services
wellknownif(4), *Lwellknownif*O(4)
file for dceping(8) that contains the well-known interface IDs for core DCE and other services
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