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FreeBSD Manual Pages


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create system and device special files
XNSrouted (8)
NS Routing Information Protocol daemon
ac (8)
connect time accounting
adduser (8)
procedure for adding new users
adjkerntz (8)
"adjusts the kernel time if the machine runs wall CMOS clock"
arp (8)
address resolution display and control
atrun (8)
run jobs queued for later execution
bad144 (8)
read/write dec standard 144 bad sector information
badsect (8)
create files to contain bad sectors
bootpd (8)
Internet Boot Protocol server
bugfiler (8)
file bug reports in folders automatically
chkconfig (8)
"set and inquire the state of system configuration files"
chown (8)
change file owner and group
chroot (8)
change root directory
comcontrol (8)
control an sio device.
comsat (8)
biff server
config (8)
build system configuration files
cron (8)
daemon to execute scheduled commands (Vixie Cron)
dev_mkdb (8)
create /dev database
disklabel (8)
read and write disk pack label
diskpart (8)
calculate default disk partition sizes
dm (8)
dungeon master
dmesg (8)
"display the system message buffer"
dump (8)
filesystem backup
dumpfs (8)
dump file system information
edquota (8)
edit user quotas
elvispreserve (8)
Preserve the the modified version of a file after a crash.
fastboot (8)
"reboot/halt the system without checking the disks"
fasthalt (8)
"reboot/halt the system without checking the disks"
fdcontrol (8)
modify floppy disk parameters
fdisk (8)
DOS partition maintainance program
fingerd (8)
remote user information server
fsck (8)
file system consistency check and interactive repair
ft (8)
QIC 40/80 floppy tape drive controller
ftinfo (8)
display QIC 40/80 drive and tape status
ftpd (8)
DARPA Internet File Transfer Protocol server
gettable (8)
get NIC format host tables from a host
getty (8)
set terminal mode
halt (8)
stop the processor
htable (8)
convert NIC standard format host tables
ifconfig (8)
configure network interface parameters
inetd (8)
internet super-server
init (8)
process control initialization
intro (8)
"introduction to system maintenance and operation commands"
iostat (8)
report I/O statistics
kgmon (8)
generate a dump of the operating system's profile buffers
kvm_mkdb (8)
create kernel database
ld (8)
link editor
ldconfig (8)
configure the shared library cache
lpc (8)
line printer control program
lpd (8)
line printer spooler daemon
mail.local (8)
store mail in a mailbox
makedev (8)
make system special files
makekey (8)
make encrypted keys or passwords
makemap (8)
create database maps for sendmail
mknod (8)
build special file
mount (8)
mount and dismount file systems
mount_isofs (8)
mount an ISO-9660 filesystem
mount_mfs (8)
construct a new file system
mount_procfs (8)
mount the proc file system
mountd (8)
service remote NFS mount requests
mtree (8)
map a directory hierarchy
named (8)
Internet domain name server
newfs (8)
construct a new file system
nfsd (8)
remote NFS server
nfsiod (8)
local NFS asynchronous I/O server
nslookup (8)
query Internet name servers interactively
ntpdate (8)
set the date and time via NTP
ntpq (8)
standard Network Time Protocol query program
ntptrace (8)
trace a chain of NTP hosts back to their master time source
pac (8)
printer/plotter accounting information
ping (8)
send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts
portmap (8)
DARPA port to RPC program number mapper
pppd (8)
Point to Point Protocol daemon
pwd_mkdb (8)
generate the password databases
quotacheck (8)
filesystem quota consistency checker
quotaoff (8)
turn filesystem quotas on and off
quotaon (8)
turn filesystem quotas on and off
rc (8)
command script for auto-reboot and daemons
rdump (8)
file system dump across the network
reboot (8)
FreeBSD bootstrapping procedures
renice (8)
alter priority of running processes
repquota (8)
summarize quotas for a file system
restore (8)
"restore files or file systems from backups made with dump"
rexecd (8)
remote execution server
rlogind (8)
remote login server
rmail (8)
handle remote mail received via uucp
rmt (8)
remote magtape protocol module
route (8)
manually manipulate the routing tables (Interim)
routed (8)
network routing daemon
rpc.rstatd (8)
kernel statistics server
rpc.rusersd (8)
logged in users server
rpc.rwalld (8)
write messages to users currently logged in server
rpcinfo (8)
report RPC information
rrestore (8)
"restore a file system dump across the network"
rshd (8)
remote shell server
rwhod (8)
system status server
sa (8)
print system accounting statistics
savecore (8)
"save the details of a crash of the operating system"
sendmail (8)
send mail over the internet
showmount (8)
show remote nfs mounts on host
shutdown (8)
"close down the system at a given time"
slattach (8)
attach serial lines as network interfaces
sliplogin (8)
attach a serial line network interface
sticky (8)
sticky text and append-only directories
swapon (8)
"specify additional device for paging and swapping"
sync (8)
synchronize internal filesystem information with that on the disk
syslog.conf (5)
syslogd 8 configuration file
syslogd (8)
log systems messages
talkd (8)
remote user communication server
telnetd (8)
DARPA TELNET protocol server
tftpd (8)
DARPA Trivial File Transfer Protocol server
tickadj (8)
fiddle time-related variables in the kernel
timed (8)
time server daemon
timedc (8)
timed control program
traceroute (8)
print the route packets take to network host
trpt (8)
transliterate protocol trace
trsp (8)
transliterate sequenced packet protocol trace
tunefs (8)
tune up an existing file system
umount (8)
mount and dismount file systems
uucico (8)
UUCP file transfer daemon
uuxqt (8)
UUCP execution daemon
vipw (8)
edit the password file
xntpd (8)
Network Time Protocol daemon
xntpdc (8)
query/control program for the Network Time Protocol daemon
yp (8)
description of the YP system
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