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FreeBSD Manual Pages


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arithmetic (6)
quiz on simple arithmetic
atc (6)
Air Traffic Controller Game
backgammon (6)
the game of backgammon
banner (6)
print large banner on printer
battlestar (6)
a tropical adventure game
bcd (6)
format input as punch cards
caesar (6)
decrypt caesar cyphers
canfield (6)
the solitaire card game canfield
cfscores (6)
the solitaire card game canfield
cribbage (6)
the card game cribbage
factor (6)
factor a number, generate primes
fish (6)
play ``Go Fish''
fortune (6)
print a random, hopefully interesting, adage
hangman (6)
Computer version of the game hangman
larn (6)
Exploring the caverns of Larn
mille (6)
play Mille Bournes
monop (6)
Monopoly game
morse (6)
format input as morse code
number (6)
convert Arabic numerals to English
pom (6)
display the phase of the moon
ppt (6)
format input as paper tape
primes (6)
factor a number, generate primes
rain (6)
animated raindrops display
robots (6)
fight off villainous robots
rogue (6)
Exploring The Dungeons of Doom
sail (6)
multi-user wooden ships and iron men
snake (6)
display chase game
snscore (6)
display chase game
trek (6)
trekkie game
worm (6)
Play the growing worm game
worms (6)
animate worms on a display terminal
wump (6)
hunt the wumpus in an underground cave
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