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FreeBSD Manual Pages


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a.out (5)
format of executable binary files
acct (5)
execution accounting file
aliases (5)
aliases file for sendmail
ar (5)
archive (library) file format
bootptab (5)
Internet Bootstrap Protocol server database
core (5)
memory image file format
crontab (5)
tables for driving cron
cvs (5)
Concurrent Versions System support files
dir (5)
directory file format
dirent (5)
directory file format
disklabel (5)
disk pack label
disktab (5)
disk description file
dm.conf (5)
\&dm configuration file
exports (5)
define remote mount points for NFS mount requests
fs (5)
format of file system volume
fstab (5)
static information about the filesystems
gettytab (5)
terminal configuration data base
groff_font (5)
format of groff device and font description files
groff_out (5)
groff intermediate output format
group (5)
format of the group permissions file
hosts (5)
host name data base
inode (5)
format of file system volume
lastlog (5)
login records
login.access (5)
Login access control table
magic (5)
file command's magic number file
map3270 (5)
database for mapping ascii keystrokes into IBM 3270 keys
networks (5)
network name data base
passwd (5)
format of the password file
pcfs (5)
MS-DOS[TM] compatible filesystem
phones (5)
remote host phone number data base
printcap (5)
printer capability data base
protocols (5)
protocol name data base
ranlib (5)
archive (library) table-of-contents format
rcsfile (5)
format of RCS file
remote (5)
remote host description file
resolver (5)
resolver configuration file
rpc (5)
rpc program number data base
services (5)
service name data base
shells (5)
shell database
skey.access (5)
List of S/Key obligated host adresses
stab (5)
symbol table types
syslog.conf (5)
syslogd 8 configuration file
termcap (5)
terminal capability data base
ttys (5)
terminal initialization information
types (5)
system data types
tzfile (5)
time zone information
utmp (5)
login records
uuencode (5)
format of an encoded uuencode file
vgrindefs (5)
language definition data base for vgrind 1
wtmp (5)
login records
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