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EUC (4)
EUC encoding of runes
LKM (4)
Loadable Kernel Modules interface
TP (4)
ISO Transport Protocol
UTF2 (4)
"Universal character set Transformation Format encoding of runes
aha (4)
Adaptec SCSI host adapter driver
ahb (4)
Adaptec EISA SCSI host adapter driver
apm (4)
APM BIOS interface
arp (4)
Address Resolution Protocol
bt (4)
Buslogic SCSI host adapter driver
clnp (4)
Connectionless-Mode Network Protocol
cltp (4)
ISO Connectionless Transport Protocol
drum (4)
paging device
ed (4)
high performance ethernet device driver
es-is (4)
End System to Intermediate System Routing Protocol
fd (4)
file descriptor files
fdc (4)
PC architecture floppy disk controller driver
icmp (4)
Internet Control Message Protocol
idp (4)
Xerox Internet Datagram Protocol
ie (4)
ethernet device driver
inet (4)
Internet protocol family
ip (4)
Internet Protocol
is (4)
ethernet device driver
iso (4)
ISO protocol family
keyboard (4)
pc keyboard interface
kmem (4)
memory files
lo (4)
software loopback network interface
lpt (4)
Parallel port driver
mem (4)
memory files
mse (4)
bus mouse driver
networking (4)
introduction to networking facilities
npx (4)
Numeric Processing Extension coprocessor and emulator
ns (4)
Xerox Network Systems(tm) protocol family
nsip (4)
software network interface encapsulating NS packets in IP packets
null (4)
the null device
pty (4)
pseudo terminal driver
route (4)
kernel packet forwarding database
screen (4)
pc display interface
sio (4)
fast interrupt driven asynchronous serial communications interface
spkr (4)
console speaker device driver
spp (4)
Xerox Sequenced Packet Protocol
stderr (4)
file descriptor files
stdin (4)
file descriptor files
stdout (4)
file descriptor files
tcp (4)
Internet Transmission Control Protocol
termios (4)
general terminal line discipline
tty (4)
general terminal interface
udp (4)
Internet User Datagram Protocol
uha (4)
Ultrastore SCSI host adapter driver
unix (4)
UNIX-domain protocol family
wd (4)
Generic WD100x diskcontroller driver
yp (4)
description of the YP system
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