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0intro(2), intro(2)
introduction to library functions
RGB(2), rgbpix(2), rdcolmap(2), wrcolmap(2)
handle color screens
generate a fault
abs(2), labs(2)
integer absolute values
determine accessibility of file
add(2), sub(2), mul(2), div(2), raddp(2), rsubp(2), rmul(2), rdiv(2), rshift(2), inset(2), rcanon(2), eqpt(2), eqrect(2), ptinrect(2), rectinrect(2), rectXrect(2), rectclip(2), Dx(2), Dy(2), Pt(2), Rect(2), Rpt(2)
arithmetic on points and rectangles
arg(2), ARGBEGIN(2), ARGEND(2), ARGC(2), ARGF(2), arginit(2), argopt(2)
process option letters from argv
atof(2), atoi(2), atol(2), charstod(2), strtod(2), strtol(2), strtoul(2)
convert text to numbers
auth(2), amount(2), srvauth(2), authenticate(2), getchal(2), chalreply(2), newns(2), authdial(2), passtokey(2), nvcsum(2), convT2M(2), convM2T(2), convTR2M(2), convM2TR(2), convA2M(2), convM2A(2), convPR2M(2), convM2PR(2)
network authentication
balloc(2), bfree(2), rdbitmap(2), wrbitmap(2), rdbitmapfile(2), wrbitmapfile(2)
allocating, freeing, reading, writing bitmaps
bind(2), mount(2), unmount(2)
change name space
bio(2), Bopen(2), Binit(2), Binits(2), Brdline(2), Bgetc(2), Bgetrune(2), Bgetd(2), Bungetc(2), Bungetrune(2), Bread(2), Bseek(2), Boffset(2), Bfildes(2), Blinelen(2), Bputc(2), Bputrune(2), Bprint(2), Bwrite(2), Bflush(2), Bterm(2), Bbuffered(2)
buffered input/output
bitblt(2), bitbltclip(2), clipline(2), point(2), segment(2), polysegment(2), arc(2), circle(2), disc(2), ellipse(2), texture(2), border(2), string(2), strsize(2), strwidth(2), Fcode(2)
graphics functions
brk(2), sbrk(2)
change memory allocation
cachechars(2), agefont(2), loadchar(2), Subfont(2), Fontchar(2), Font(2)
font utilities
change working directory
cputime(2), times(2)
cpu time in this process and children
ctime(2), localtime(2), gmtime(2), asctime(2), timezone(2)
convert date and time to ASCII
ctype(2), isalpha(2), isupper(2), islower(2), isdigit(2), isxdigit(2), isalnum(2), isspace(2), ispunct(2), isprint(2), isgraph(2), iscntrl(2), isascii(2), toascii(2), _toupper(2), _tolower(2), toupper(2), tolower(2)
ASCII character classification
debugger(2), cisctrace(2), risctrace(2), ciscframe(2), riscframe(2), localaddr(2), symoff(2), fpformat(2), beieee80ftos(2), beieeesftos(2), beieeedftos(2), leieee80ftos(2), leieeesftos(2), leieeedftos(2), ieeesftos(2), ieeedftos(2)
machine-independent debugger functions
dial(2), hangup(2), announce(2), listen(2), accept(2), reject(2), netmkaddr(2)
make and break network connections
read directory
duplicate an open file descriptor
encrypt(2), decrypt(2), netcrypt(2)
DES encryption
errstr(2), werrstr(2)
description of last system call error
event(2), einit(2), estart(2), etimer(2), eread(2), emouse(2), ekbd(2), ecanread(2), ecanmouse(2), ecankbd(2), ereshaped(2), getrect(2), menuhit(2), Event(2), Mouse(2), Menu(2)
graphics events
exec(2), execl(2), _clock(2)
execute a file
exits(2), _exits(2), atexit(2), atexitdont(2), terminate(2)
terminate process, process cleanup
exp(2), log(2), log10(2), pow(2), pow10(2), sqrt(2)
exponential, logarithm, power, square root
fabs(2), fmod(2), floor(2), ceil(2)
absolute value, remainder, floor, ceiling functions
fcall(2), Fcall(2), convS2M(2), convD2M(2), convM2S(2), convM2D(2), getS(2), fcallconv(2), dirconv(2), dirmodeconv(2)
interface to Plan 9 File protocol
fgetc(2), getc(2), getchar(2), fputc(2), putc(2), putchar(2), ungetc(2), fgets(2), gets(2), fputs(2), puts(2), fread(2), fwrite(2)
Stdio input and output
fopen(2), freopen(2), fdopen(2), fileno(2), fclose(2), sopenr(2), sopenw(2), sclose(2), fflush(2), setvbuf(2), setbuf(2), fgetpos(2), ftell(2), fsetpos(2), fseek(2), rewind(2), feof(2), ferror(2), clearerr(2)
standard buffered input/output package
fork(2), rfork(2)
manipulate process resources
fprintf(2), printf(2), sprintf(2), vfprintf(2), vprintf(2), vsprintf(2)
print formatted output
frame(2), frinit(2), frsetrects(2), frclear(2), frcharofpt(2), frptofchar(2), frinsert(2), frdelete(2), frselect(2), frselectp(2), frselectf(2), frgetmouse(2)
frames of text
frexp(2), ldexp(2), modf(2)
split into mantissa and exponent
fscanf(2), scanf(2), sscanf(2), vfscanf(2)
scan formatted input
fsession(2), fauth(2)
set up authentication on a file descriptor to a file server
getenv(2), putenv(2)
access environment variables
getfcr(2), setfcr(2), getfsr(2), setfsr(2)
control floating point
getfields(2), getmfields(2), setfields(2), tokenize(2)
break a string into fields
getpid(2), getppid(2)
get process ids
get user name
get current directory
graphics(2), Point(2), Rectangle(2), Bitmap(2), Cursor(2), binit(2), bclose(2), berror(2), bscreenrect(2), bneed(2), bflush(2), bwrite(2), bexit(2), clipr(2), cursorswitch(2), cursorset(2), rdfontfile(2), ffree(2), charwidth(2), Pconv(2), Rconv(2)
bitmap graphics
Euclidean distance
ip(2), eipconv(2), parseip(2), parseether(2), myipaddr(2), myetheraddr(2), maskip(2), equivip(2)
Internet protocol
layer(2), lalloc(2), lfree(2), ltofront(2), ltoback(2), lcstring(2)
graphics layers
lockinit(2), lock(2), canlock(2), unlock(2)
shared memory spin lock
mach(2), crackhdr(2), machbytype(2), machbyname(2), newmap(2), setmap(2), unusemap(2), loadmap(2), findseg(2), get1(2), get2(2), get4(2), put1(2), put2(2), put4(2), beswab(2), beswal(2), leswab(2), leswal(2)
machine-independent executable file access
malloc(2), free(2), realloc(2), calloc(2)
memory allocator
memory(2), memccpy(2), memchr(2), memcmp(2), memcpy(2), memmove(2), memset(2)
memory operations
make a unique file name
nan(2), NaN(2), Inf(2), isNaN(2), isInf(2)
not-a-number and infinity functions
ndb(2), ndbopen(2), ndbclose(2), ndbreopen(2), ndbsearch(2), ndbsnext(2), ndbgetval(2), ndbfree(2), ipattr(2), ipinfo(2), ndbhash(2), ndbparse(2), csgetval(2)
network database
notify(2), noted(2), atnotify(2)
handle asynchronous process notification
object(2), objtype(2), readobj(2), objtraverse(2), isar(2), nextar(2), readar(2)
object file interpretation functions
open(2), create(2), close(2)
open a file for reading or writing, create file
perror(2), syslog(2)
system error messages
create an interprocess channel
plbutton(2), plcanvas(2), plcheckbutton(2), pledit(2), plentry(2), plframe(2), plgroup(2), plidollist(2), pllabel(2), pllist(2), plmenu(2), plmenubar(2), plmessage(2), plpopup(2), plpulldown(2), plradiobutton(2), plscrollbar(2), plslider(2), pltextview(2)
panel-creation functions
plinit(2), Panel(2), Rtext(2), plpack(2), plmove(2), pldraw(2), plfree(2), plgrabkb(2), plkeyboard(2), plmouse(2), plscroll(2), plentryval(2), plsetbutton(2), plsetslider(2), pleget(2), plelen(2), plegetsel(2), plepaste(2), plesel(2), plescroll(2), plgetscroll(2), plsetscroll(2), plplacelabel(2), plrtstr(2), plrtbitmap(2), plrtpanel(2), plrtfree(2), plgetpostextview(2), plsetpostextview(2)
Panel manipulation functions
plinitbutton(2), plinitcanvas(2), plinitcheckbutton(2), plinitedit(2), plinitentry(2), plinitframe(2), plinitgroup(2), plinitidollist(2), plinitlabel(2), plinitlist(2), plinitmenu(2), plinitmessage(2), plinitpopup(2), plinitpulldown(2), plinitradiobutton(2), plinitscrollbar(2), plinitslider(2), plinittextview(2)
panel reinitialization functions
send a note to a process or process group
print(2), fprint(2), sprint(2), snprint(2), fmtinstall(2), strconv(2), Strconv(2), numbconv(2), fltconv(2), doprint(2)
print formatted output
quicker sort
rand(2), lrand(2), frand(2), nrand(2), lnrand(2), srand(2)
random number generator
read(2), readn(2), write(2)
read or write file
regexp(2), regcomp(2), regcomplit(2), regcompnl(2), regexec(2), regsub(2), rregexec(2), rregsub(2), regerror(2)
regular expression
remove a file
user level process synchronization
rune(2), runetochar(2), chartorune(2), runelen(2), fullrune(2), utflen(2), utfrune(2), utfrrune(2), utfutf(2)
rune/UTF conversion
change file offset
segattach(2), segdetach(2), segfree(2)
map/unmap a segment in virtual memory
change memory allocation
flush instruction and data caches
setjmp(2), longjmp(2), notejmp(2)
non-local goto
sin(2), cos(2), tan(2), asin(2), acos(2), atan(2), atan2(2)
trigonometric functions
sinh(2), cosh(2), tanh(2)
hyperbolic functions
sleep(2), alarm(2)
delay, ask for delayed note
stat(2), fstat(2), wstat(2), fwstat(2), dirstat(2), dirfstat(2), dirwstat(2), dirfwstat(2)
get and put file status
strcat(2), strncat(2), strcmp(2), strncmp(2), strcpy(2), strncpy(2), strlen(2), strchr(2), strrchr(2), strpbrk(2), strspn(2), strcspn(2), strtok(2), strdup(2), strstr(2)
string operations
subfalloc(2), subffree(2), rdsubfontfile(2), wrsubfontfile(2), mkfont(2)
subfont manipulation
symbol(2), syminit(2), getsym(2), symbase(2), pc2sp(2), pc2line(2), textseg(2), line2addr(2), lookup(2), findlocal(2), getauto(2), findsym(2), localsym(2), globalsym(2), textsym(2), file2pc(2), fileelem(2), filesym(2), fileline(2), fnbound(2)
symbol table access functions
time in seconds since epoch
tmpfile(2), tmpnam(2)
Stdio temporary files
wait for a process to exit
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