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coroutine.tcl86(n), coroutine(n), yield(n), yieldto(n)
Create and produce values from coroutines
coroutine.tcl87(n), coroutine(n), yield(n), yieldto(n)
Create and produce values from coroutines
Invisible dialog procedure that yields CPU time slices. Allegro game programming library
Waits a specified number of milliseconds or yields CPU. Allegro game programming library
yields CPU to other coroutines
Future::Phrasebook(3), "Future::Phrasebook"(3)
coding examples for "Future" and "Future::Utils" This documentation-only module provides a phrasebook-like approach to giving examples on how to use Future and Future::Utils to structure Future-driven asynchronous or concurrent logic. As with any inter-dialect phrasebook it is structured into pairs of examples; each given first in a traditional call/return Perl style, and second in a style using Futures. In each case, the generic function or functions in the example are named in "ALL_CAPITALS()" to make them stand out. In the examples showing use of Futures, any function that is expected to return a "Future" instance is named with a leading "F_" prefix. Each example is also constructed so as to yield an overall future in a variable called "$f", which represents the entire operation
i.biomass(1), i.biomass (1)
Computes biomass growth, precursor of crop yield calculation
thread(3), alt(3), chancreate(3), chanfree(3), chanprint(3), chansetname(3), mainstacksize(3), proccreate(3), procdata(3), recv(3), recvp(3), recvul(3), send(3), sendp(3), sendul(3), nbrecv(3), nbrecvp(3), nbrecvul(3), nbsend(3), nbsendp(3), nbsendul(3), threadcreate(3), threaddata(3), threadexec(3), threadexecl(3), threadexits(3), threadexitsall(3), threadgetgrp(3), threadgetname(3), threadint(3), threadintgrp(3), threadkill(3), threadkillgrp(3), threadmain(3), threadnotify(3), threadid(3), threadpid(3), threadpin(3), threadunpin(3), threadsetgrp(3), threadsetname(3), threadsetstate(3), threadspawn(3), threadspawnd(3), threadspawnl(3), threadwaitchan(3), yield(3)
thread and proc management
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