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driver for DHTxx and AM320x temperature and humidity sensors
driver for HTU21D and compatible temperature and humidity sensors
Embedded Data Systems Sensors EDS0064 - Temperature EDS0065 - Temperature and Humidity EDS0066 - Temperature and Barometric Pressure EDS0067 - Temperature and Light EDS0068 - Temperature, Barometric Pressure and Light EDS0070 - Vibration EDS0071 - RTD 4-wire temperature EDS0072 - RTD 3-wire temperature EDS0080 - 8 Channel Analog Current Input EDS0082 - 8 Channel Analog Voltage Input EDS0083 - 4 Channel Analog Current Input EDS0085 - 4 Channel Analog Voltage Input EDS0090 - 8 Discrete I/O
daemon that converts a raw MIDI device into a JACK MIDI device
play standard midi-file format 0/1 for FreeBSD USB-MIDI device (support Multi-Byte Language Text version)
Universal MIDI library
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