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Ask for notification when the contents of the specified files or directory hierarchies are modified. This man page is kept for reference but it is not to be considered an authoritative or complete source of information. Please, consult the official Info documentation shipped with
fswatch configuration file syntax
newsmaint(8cn), newshist(8cn)
extract history line for news article(s) newsdaily - maintain news log files and report problems newswatch - keep an eye on news system for difficulties newsboot - clean up news debris on reboot locknews - lock news system addgroup, delgroup - add and delete newsgroups, locally only adddirs - make any missing directories for active newsgroups - create active.times file for news readers histfrom, newsfrom - list news arriving over specific time range addmissing - add missing news articles to history file
actions for swatchdog(1)
Swatchdog::Threshold(3), Swatchdog::Threshold(3)
Perl extension for thresholding in swatchdog(1)
Swatchdog::Throttle(3), Swatchdog::Throttle(3)
Perl extension for throttling and thresholding in swatchdog(1)
simple watcher
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