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camtag_model(3), camtag_model (3)
Define a camera for the 3D processing of a rendertarget
define_arcantarget(3), define_arcantarget (3)
Create a rendertarget bound subsegment for drawing to another arcan instance
define_calctarget(3), define_calctarget (3)
Create a rendertarget with a periodic readback into a Lua callback
define_recordtarget(3), define_recordtarget (3)
Create a rendertarget with a periodic readback
define_rendertarget(3), define_rendertarget (3)
Create an offscreen rendering pipe
image_color(3), image_color (3)
Change color_surface and rendertarget clear-color
rendertarget_attach(3), rendertarget_attach (3)
Modify the attachment statement of a video object
rendertarget_bind(3), rendertarget_bind (3)
Rebind the association between encode segment and rendertarget
rendertarget_detach(3), rendertarget_detach (3)
Remove any secondary specific-object attachments from a rendertarget
rendertarget_forceupdate(3), rendertarget_forceupdate (3)
Manually perform an out-of-loop update of a rendertarget
rendertarget_id(3), rendertarget_id (3)
Assign a numeric identifier to a rendertarget
rendertarget_metrics(3), rendertarget_metrics (3)
Retrieve statistics about the state of a rendertarget pipeline
rendertarget_noclear(3), rendertarget_noclear (3)
Enable / Disable clearing a rendertarget before a renderpass
rendertarget_range(3), rendertarget_range (3)
Limit the order- range of objects to render
rendertarget_reconfigure(3), rendertarget_reconfigure (3)
Change the output density on a rendertarget
rendertarget_vids(3), rendertarget_vids (3)
Get an indexed table of vids in a rendertarget
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