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builtin(1), !(1), %(1), .(1), :(1), @(1), [(1), {(1), }(1), alias(1), alloc(1), bg(1), bind(1), bindkey(1), break(1), breaksw(1), builtins(1), case(1), cd(1), chdir(1), command(1), complete(1), continue(1), default(1), dirs(1), do(1), done(1), echo(1), echotc(1), elif(1), else(1), end(1), endif(1), endsw(1), esac(1), eval(1), exec(1), exit(1), export(1), false(1), fc(1), fg(1), filetest(1), fi(1), for(1), foreach(1), getopts(1), glob(1), goto(1), hash(1), hashstat(1), history(1), hup(1), if(1), jobid(1), jobs(1), kill(1), limit(1), local(1), log(1), login(1), logout(1), ls-F(1), nice(1), nohup(1), notify(1), onintr(1), popd(1), printenv(1), printf(1), pushd(1), pwd(1), read(1), readonly(1), rehash(1), repeat(1), return(1), sched(1), set(1), setenv(1), settc(1), setty(1), setvar(1), shift(1), source(1), stop(1), suspend(1), switch(1), telltc(1), test(1), then(1), time(1), times(1), trap(1), true(1), type(1), ulimit(1), umask(1), unalias(1), uncomplete(1), unhash(1), unlimit(1), unset(1), unsetenv(1), until(1), wait(1), where(1), which(1), while(1)
shell built-in commands
cap_getpwent(3), cap_getpwnam(3), cap_getpwuid(3), cap_getpwent_r(3), cap_getpwnam_r(3), cap_getpwuid_r(3), cap_setpassent(3), cap_setpwent(3), cap_endpwent(3), cap_pwd_limit_cmds(3), cap_pwd_limit_fields(3), cap_pwd_limit_users(3)
library for password database operations in capability mode
return working directory name
generate the password databases
user name and password to use for proxy authentication
user name and password to use in authentication
SRP_user_pwd_new(3ossl), SRP_user_pwd_free(3ossl), SRP_user_pwd_set1_ids(3ossl), SRP_user_pwd_set_gN(3ossl), SRP_user_pwd_set0_sv(3ossl)
Functions to create a record of SRP user verifier information
SSL_CTX_set_srp_username(3ossl), SSL_CTX_set_srp_password(3ossl), SSL_CTX_set_srp_strength(3ossl), SSL_CTX_set_srp_cb_arg(3ossl), SSL_CTX_set_srp_username_callback(3ossl), SSL_CTX_set_srp_client_pwd_callback(3ossl), SSL_CTX_set_srp_verify_param_callback(3ossl), SSL_set_srp_server_param(3ossl), SSL_set_srp_server_param_pw(3ossl), SSL_get_srp_g(3ossl), SSL_get_srp_N(3ossl), SSL_get_srp_username(3ossl), SSL_get_srp_userinfo(3ossl)
SRP control operations
gpwd(1), pwd(1)
print name of current/working directory
print the full path to the current HFS working directory
Eudora compatible password change server
pwd.tcl85(n), pwd(n)
Return the absolute path of the current working directory
pwd.tcl86(n), pwd(n)
Return the absolute path of the current working directory
pwd.tcl87(n), pwd(n)
Return the absolute path of the current working directory
build plain-text password file from database
Samba & Kerberos password sync overlay to slapd
manual page for sqlr-pwdenc 1.7.0
generate DES or MD5 encryption of a password
administer pwd security protocol passwords
DEC VMS password hashing
bk-pwd(1), bk pwd(1)
print directory name
print pwd suitable for prompt
output the current working directory
pwd(1), pbd(1)
working directory
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