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Heidelberger table macros for GNU roff nr groff_hdtbl_C n[.C] Some simple formatting macros. Note that we use '.ig' here and not a comment to make 'mandb' 2.4.1 (and probably more recent versions also) happy; otherwise the '.char' lines and the stuff which follows is included in the 'whatis' database. . [lB] F[n[.fam]][ [rB] F[n[.fam]]] [or] F[n[.fam]]||| [ell] F[n[.fam]].|.|. [oq] F[n[.fam]][oq] [cq] F[n[.fam]][cq] F CR {
class implementing Bio::Location::CoordinatePolicy as the average for WITHIN and the widest possible and reasonable range otherwise
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