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check /etc/named.conf file "dns-conf-check(1)" "check /etc/named.conf file"
gcloud_config_configurations(1), gcloud config configurations(1)
manage the set of gcloud named configurations
gcloud_config_configurations_activate(1), gcloud config configurations activate(1)
activates an existing named configuration
gcloud_config_configurations_create(1), gcloud config configurations create(1)
creates a new named configuration
gcloud_config_configurations_delete(1), gcloud config configurations delete(1)
deletes a named configuration
gcloud_config_configurations_describe(1), gcloud config configurations describe(1)
describes a named configuration by listing its properties
gcloud_config_configurations_list(1), gcloud config configurations list(1)
lists available named configurations
gcloud_topic_configurations(1), gcloud topic configurations(1)
supplementary help for named configurations
codeset converter for named.conf and zone master files
named configuration file syntax checking tool
configuration file for named
an ordered set of named configuration sections
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