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shorten the reading of the current clause
Public domain Korn shell
ksh93(1), nZ=0(1)
kerberized remote shell server
mksh(1), sh(1)
MirBSD Korn shell
Sharpen an image via an unsharp mask synopsis
shtool-mkshadow(1), shtool mkshadow(1)
GNU shtool create shadow tree using symlinks
Interactive taskwarrior shell
Locale data examples for the Colognian (ksh) locale
Locale data examples for the Colognian Germany (ksh-DE) locale
Excel::Writer::XLSX::Worksheet(3), Worksheet(3)
A class for writing Excel Worksheets
Representation of worksheet
A class for SaveParser Worksheets
A class for Worksheets
a workbook n .SS """->filename""" .SS "->filename" Subsection "->filename" print $workbook->filename; The name of the file if applicable. n .SS """->table_styles""" .SS "->table_styles" Subsection "->table_styles" The styles that identify whether a table is hidden, and other styles n .SS """->get_print_areas()""" .SS "->get_print_areas()" Subsection "->get_print_areas()" my $print_areas = $workbook->get_print_areas(); # [[ [$start_row, $start_col, $end_row, $end_col], ... ]] The ->get_print_areas() method returns the print areas of each sheet as an arrayref of arrayrefs. If a sheet has no print area, undef is returned for its print area. n .SS """->get_active_sheet()""" .SS "->get_active_sheet()" Subsection "->get_active_sheet()" my $sheet = $workbook->get_active_sheet(); if( !$sheet ) { # If there is no defined active worksheet, take the first: ($sheet) = $workbook->worksheets(); }; Returns the active worksheet, or if there is no such sheet, returns undef. n .SS """->worksheets()""" .SS "->worksheets()" Subsection "->worksheets()" my @sheets = $workbook->worksheets; Returns the list of worksheets as Spreadsheet::ParseODS::Worksheet objects. n .SS """->worksheet($name)""" .SS "->worksheet($name)" Subsection "->worksheet($name)" my $sheet1 = $workbook->worksheet(Sheet 1); Returns the worksheet with the given name, or if no such worksheet exists, returns undef
a sheet in a workbook n .SS """get_print_areas()""" .SS "get_print_areas()" Subsection "get_print_areas()" my $print_areas = $worksheet->get_print_areas(); # [ [$start_row, $start_col, $end_row, $end_col], ... ] The ->get_print_areas() method returns the print areas of the sheet as an arrayref. Returns undef if there are no print areas
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::BIFFwriter(3), BIFFwriter(3)
An abstract base class for Excel workbooks and worksheets
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Worksheet(3), Worksheet(3)
A writer class for Excel Worksheets
Spreadsheet::WriteExcelXML::Worksheet(3), Worksheet(3)
A writer class for Excel Worksheets
Spreadsheet::WriteExcelXML::XMLwriter(3), XMLwriter(3)
A base class for Excel workbooks and worksheets
Generate XLSX worksheet
shell command language interpreter with access to many X, Xt, Xm and XCDE functions
A quick fish primer for those coming from bash This is to give you a quick overview if you come from bash (or to a lesser extent other shells like zsh or ksh) and want to know how fish differs. Fish is intentionally not POSIX-compatible and as such some of the things you are used to work differently. Many things are similar - they both fundamentally expand commandlines to execute commands, have pipes, redirections, variables, globs, use command output in various ways. This document is there to quickly show you the differences
KornShell, a standard/restricted command and programming language
oksh(1), rksh(1)
public domain Korn shell
Perl/Tk script to provide a graphical user interface for testing Perl/Tk commands and scripts
quickjail(1), quickshell(1)
Utility to spawn transient single-command jails
venti-client(3), vtconnect(3), vthello(3), vtread(3), vtwrite(3), vtreadpacket(3), vtwritepacket(3), vtsync(3), vtping(3), vtrpc(3), ventidoublechecksha1(3)
Venti client
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