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socket control message routines for ancillary data access
iterate over program headers
elf32_getehdr(3), elf64_getehdr(3), gelf_getehdr(3)
retrieve the object file header
elf32_getphdr(3), elf64_getphdr(3), gelf_getphdr(3)
retrieve an ELF program header table
elf32_getshdr(3), elf64_getshdr(3), gelf_getshdr(3)
retrieve the class-dependent section header
elf32_newehdr(3), elf64_newehdr(3), gelf_newehdr(3)
retrieve or allocate the object file header
elf32_newphdr(3), elf64_newphdr(3), gelf_newphdr(3)
allocate an ELF program header table
elf_flagarhdr(3), elf_flagdata(3), elf_flagehdr(3), elf_flagelf(3), elf_flagphdr(3), elf_flagscn(3), elf_flagshdr(3)
manipulate flags associated with ELF data structures
retrieve ar(1) header for an archive member
return the number of program headers in an ELF file
return the number of sections in an ELF file
retrieve the index of the section name string table
gelf_update_ehdr(3), gelf_update_phdr(3), gelf_update_shdr(3)
update underlying ELF data structures
inet6_rthdr_space(3), inet6_rthdr_init(3), inet6_rthdr_add(3), inet6_rthdr_lasthop(3), inet6_rthdr_reverse(3), inet6_rthdr_segments(3), inet6_rthdr_getaddr(3), inet6_rthdr_getflags(3)
IPv6 Routing Header Options Manipulation
libngatm(3), uni_decode(3), uni_decode_head(3), uni_decode_body(3), uni_decode_ie_hdr(3), uni_decode_ie_body(3), uni_encode(3), uni_encode_msg_hdr(3), uni_encode_ie(3), uni_encode_ie_hdr(3), uni_check_ie(3), uni_print_cref(3), uni_print_msghdr(3), uni_print(3), uni_print_ie(3), uni_initcx(3), uni_print_cx(3)
ATM signalling library - message handling functions
mbchain(9), mb_init(9), mb_initm(9), mb_done(9), mb_detach(9), mb_fixhdr(9), mb_reserve(9), mb_put_uint8(9), mb_put_uint16be(9), mb_put_uint16le(9), mb_put_uint32be(9), mb_put_uint32le(9), mb_put_int64be(9), mb_put_int64le(9), mb_put_mem(9), mb_put_mbuf(9), mb_put_uio(9)
set of functions to build an mbuf chain from various data types
new_unrhdr(9), clear_unrhdr(9), delete_unrhdr(9), alloc_unr(9), alloc_unr_specific(9), free_unr(9)
kernel unit number allocator
rpc_soc(3), auth_destroy(3), authnone_create(3), authunix_create(3), authunix_create_default(3), callrpc(3), clnt_broadcast(3), clnt_call(3), clnt_control(3), clnt_create(3), clnt_destroy(3), clnt_freeres(3), clnt_geterr(3), clnt_pcreateerror(3), clnt_perrno(3), clnt_perror(3), clnt_spcreateerror(3), clnt_sperrno(3), clnt_sperror(3), clntraw_create(3), clnttcp_create(3), clntudp_bufcreate(3), clntudp_create(3), clntunix_create(3), get_myaddress(3), pmap_getmaps(3), pmap_getport(3), pmap_rmtcall(3), pmap_set(3), pmap_unset(3), registerrpc(3), rpc_createerr(3), svc_destroy(3), svc_fds(3), svc_fdset(3), svc_getargs(3), svc_getcaller(3), svc_getreq(3), svc_getreqset(3), svc_register(3), svc_run(3), svc_sendreply(3), svc_unregister(3), svcerr_auth(3), svcerr_decode(3), svcerr_noproc(3), svcerr_noprog(3), svcerr_progvers(3), svcerr_systemerr(3), svcerr_weakauth(3), svcfd_create(3), svcunixfd_create(3), svcraw_create(3), svcunix_create(3), xdr_accepted_reply(3), xdr_authunix_parms(3), xdr_callhdr(3), xdr_callmsg(3), xdr_opaque_auth(3), xdr_pmap(3), xdr_pmaplist(3), xdr_rejected_reply(3), xdr_replymsg(3), xprt_register(3), xprt_unregister(3)
library routines for remote procedure calls
xdr_accepted_reply(3), xdr_authsys_parms(3), xdr_callhdr(3), xdr_callmsg(3), xdr_opaque_auth(3), xdr_rejected_reply(3), xdr_replymsg(3)
XDR library routines for remote procedure calls
OSSL_CMP_HDR_get0_transactionID(3), OSSL_CMP_HDR_get0_recipNonce(3)
functions manipulating CMP message headers
XIconifyWindow(3), XWithdrawWindow(3), XReconfigureWMWindow(3)
manipulate top-level windows
A clipboard function that indicates that the application no longer wants to supply a data item "XmClipboardWithdrawFormat" "clipboard functions" "XmClipboardWithdrawFormat"
Align overlapping images for HDR or focus stack creation
Parse information in given Digital Camera RAW files and output a hdrgen script for generation of HDR images
produce a C header file from a set of messages
List headers from a FITS file
Merge overlapping images
Parse EXIF information in given JPEG files and output a hdrgen script for generation of HDR images
Command for withdrawing to multiple addresses
Command to prepare to withdraw funds from the internal wallet
Command for withdrawing funds from the internal wallet
print message headers
newsaux(8cn), spacefor(8cn)
check available space for news queuelen - get length of outbound-news uucp queues sizeof - get size of file(s) for news ctime, getabsdate - convert dates to and from internal representation for news newshostname - get host name for news gngp - search text using a newsgroup pattern canonhdr - extract header and canonicalize newslock - do locking for news
Create an HDR image or calibrate a response curve from a set of differently exposed images supplied in PFS stream
Create a pfs stream with different exposures defined by hdrgen script
Read image files containing multiple exposures to be merged into an HDR image
Load images or frames in several variants of TIFF format (both LDR and HDR)
Fast bilateral filtering for the display of HDR images
Structure for communication with RLE functions
Prints the header of an RLE file
insert ROBODoc headers to source code
Read Radiance RGBE HDR meta information
objected-oriented Perl interface to ImageMagick for default quantum (Q16HDRI). Use it to read, manipulate, or write an image or image sequence from within a Perl script
objected-oriented Perl interface to ImageMagick (Q16HDRI). Use it to create, edit, compose, or convert bitmap images from within a Perl script
hdr(1), $>hdr(1)
hexadecimal [decimal] ascii, colorizing, range dump
mach-file(3), crackhdr(3), uncrackhdr(3), mapfile(3), unmapfile(3), mapproc(3), unmapproc(3), detachproc(3), ctlproc(3), procnotes(3)
machine-independent access to exectuable files and running processes
mach-symbol(3), symopen(3), symclose(3), findhdr(3), indexsym(3), lookupsym(3), findsym(3), findexsym(3), flookupsym(3), ffindsym(3), lookuplsym(3), indexlsym(3), findlsym(3), symoff(3), pc2file(3), file2pc(3), line2pc(3), fnbound(3), fileline(3), pc2line(3)
symbol table access functions
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