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Obtains the keyboard state
A ToggleButtonGadget function that obtains the state of a ToggleButtonGadget "XmToggleButtonGadgetGet\%State" "ToggleButtonGadget functions" "XmToggleButtonGadgetGet\%State"
A ToggleButton function that obtains the state of a ToggleButton "XmToggleButtonGetState" "ToggleButton functions" "XmToggleButtonGetState"
XmtChooserGetState(3), XmtChooserGetState()(3), XmtChooserGetValue()(3), XmtChooserGetSensitivity()(3)
query an XmtChooser widget about its selected items and item sensitivity
XmtMenuGetMenuItem(3), XmtMenuGetMenuItem()(3), XmtMenuItemGetSubmenu()(3), XmtMenuItemGetWidget()(3), XmtMenuItemSetSensitivity()(3), XmtMenuItemGetState()(3), XmtMenuItemSetState()(3)
look up items in an XmtMenu widget by name, and manipulate them
get a pointer to a buffer holding the state of all keys in raw keyboard mode
timing(3), benchmp(3), benchmp_getstate(3), benchmp_interval(3), start(3), stop(3), get_n(3), set_n(3), gettime(3), settime(3), get_enough(3), t_overhead(3), l_overhead(3)
the lmbench timing subsystem
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