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fputc(3), fputc_unlocked(3), putc(3), putc_unlocked(3), putchar(3), putchar_unlocked(3), putw(3)
output a character or word to a stream
Allegro 5 API
explain fputc(3) errors require_index { }
output of characters and report errors require_index { "output of characters and report errors" }
soldout_buffer(3), bufcasecmp(3), bufcmp(3), bufcmps(3), bufdup(3), bufgrow(3), bufnew(3), bufnullterm(3), bufprintf(3), bufput(3), bufputs(3), bufputc(3), bufrelease(3), bufreset(3), bufset(3), bufslurp(3), buftoi(3), vbufprintf(3)
buffer handling functions for soldout
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